Since i’m on the theme of the record industry here is another riff on the darkside of the music biz. Our manager Goff was absent , a chronic Cocaine habit kept him up all night and in bed most of the day , at times like these you hoped that things would get better but […]

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This is just warm you all up to a future blog about UFO’s. First of all I can tell you that I have had a Ufo encounter and that will be the subject of the future ramble. I have no particular interest in Ufology , as a tool for cultivating general weirdness , pseudo science […]

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The van was already going flat out , Goff had a manic grin and a pair of women’s knickers on his head. We plunged downhill , it felt like we had gone over a cliff , the engine screamed for mercy as we began our rapid decent down this monster hill . I was in […]

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3 Unwise men.

It’s a current theme in my life at the present , managers and the impact they had on our lives , 3 different characters occupied the position of ‘Manager’ during my short turbulent passage through the record industry. Each had different personas but all adequately qualified as inept in varying degrees , what they had […]

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Mondo Bassman

Hello People , Welcome to my blog , I am Pete Bassman ex Spacemen 3 , I started this blog to say what I like , I hope it entertains you , I promise no poetry , no politics , no bullshit , happy reading folks !

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