3 Unwise men.

It’s a current theme in my life at the present , managers and the impact they had on our lives , 3 different characters occupied the position of ‘Manager’ during my short turbulent passage through the record industry.

Each had different personas but all adequately qualified as inept in varying degrees , what they had over us was the complete understanding of the dynamic that existed between them and the insecure , drug addled , over worked ,underfed chumps who made the sound.
A peculiar law applied the better the band was the worse the manager was  and  faster the band imploded .

Money was always the biggest problem the manager had to deal with , during The Darkside days our manager Goff Roderick was a disaster zone with money , whilst Gerald Palmer the notorious Spacemen 3 manager loved the cash especially from a source like Spacemen 3 , a non stop stream of free money.

You never consider at the time that you are playing host to a parasite but that is the senario , sounds a little unkind but the music makes the money and the managers take a cut , unless you are Gerald Palmer then the cut becomes cuts and the cuts become pieces and Spacemen 3 are left looking like a turkey carcass on boxing day .

Goff was not greedy or dishonest just insane , a man who lived on the edge , that sounds like a clique but trust me think Rugby’s answer to Walter White and Neal Cassidy and you are on the right track , he may have sold us down the river and fucked us forever but he certainly liked a good time .

The third manager was by my reckoning a good van driver and roadie but a bag of shit in all other areas , a man who came with nothing and left with nothing at a time when we desperately needed somebody with something , the buzz that Goff gave us was sadly missing and this guy just carried around an aurora of bedsits and impending doom.

In the end you realise that essentially the people who became your managers would be nobody’s without your relationship , they had no real talent but needed to feed their egos somehow , stepping up to the mark as manager got them on board the merry go round but in each case they were the slow burning fuse that would kill you .
The money mattered more than the musicians , whilst they floundered and imploded the managers sole concern was money and that came all too easy , an instant corrupting device , the music industry idea of an honesty box , problem was nobody in control of the box was especially honest.

So how much did it cost us to employ the services of these special people ? what price did we pay to gain the professional guidance and staunch support , not easy to quantify but what we do know is asides from the fee’s we paid ! that’s paying someone to cut your balls off very slowly , we lost lots and lots of money , when I say lost I really want to say ‘RIPPED OFF’ but you know I got to be tacktful, it simply vanished into someone else’s black hole like it was all a part of the pre scripted plot.

Natty was the first Spacemen to leave the planet destitute and maybe not the last , so maybe it’s time to start thinking about a revolution ?



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