This is just warm you all up to a future blog about UFO’s.

First of all I can tell you that I have had a Ufo encounter and that will be the subject of the future ramble.
I have no particular interest in Ufology , as a tool for cultivating general weirdness , pseudo science , fantasy based lifestyles , money , and madness it’s all good , for me it just frustrates me , the real thing was good enough .

I like to point out the inpracticality of intergalactic space travel , it takes ages to get anywhere and when you do you cannot put the brakes on in a vacuum , oh fuck we have over shot by several billion miles , and no matter how advanced the beings in the craft are they will still get bored so it probably is not a whole heap of fun , just to visit a small planet full of neurotic humans busy fucking each other up .

I have heard that UFO abductees can be given a message from The Aliens about caring for our environment and how we are heading for disaster , it’s a pity the abductee could not have relayed a message back from humanity which would be in my opinion ‘ Just kill all the bad guy’s, ‘ if they can freely abduct people then go get all the baddies and drop them off in deep space , job done.

Back engineering a UFO , that’s like giving an iPad to a caveman , just look at NASA’s current method of space flight , strap them on to a rocket and let it go .
It is as primitive you can get and the shuttle is still covered in kitchen tiles , an alien craft is complicated , think organic engineering , something that has the ability to regenerate and they don’t make them to hit the dirt and taken away to be tinkered with .

UFO’s move with times , back in the 50’s you had the basic hub cap design , in the sixties and seventies they get a little more funky with flashing lights , in the 90’s the super impressive minimalistic jumbo black triangle , very X Files , today you just get what ever the guy can put together on his laptop .
I think the Aliens will up their game and come up with something half decent eventually , advanced civilisations and they cannot even get something together that looks half as good as The Starship Enterprise, now that is a quality space ride .

I think Aliens have been coming to our planet to our planet for a long time ,probably a kind of Alien vacation , I expect there are Alien tour operators putting together package holidays , if you pay extra you get to see a human close up , pay the premium price and you get to do some kinky shit.

Well unless I get taken , see y’all soon space fans.



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