The van was already going flat out , Goff had a manic grin and a pair of women’s knickers on his head.
We plunged downhill , it felt like we had gone over a cliff , the engine screamed for mercy as we began our rapid decent down this monster hill .
I was in the front seat staring at the road ahead , I leant forward and gripped the dashboard , I took a look back , the band and crew were rigid with fear ,I looked at Goff , he was still grinning like the proverbial madman , we hit maximum speed and it felt like death was only seconds away ,just at that moment the words from the song playing on the tape player reverberated through our heads ‘This wheel is on fire, rolling down the road , best to notify my next of kin , this wheel shall explode ‘ I laughed , it was better than crying.
We hit the bottom and rocketed up the other side and much to everyone’s relief we made it home.
The next day I asked Goff why he was drove so crazy , ‘Well I wrote a Range Rover off on the same spot back in seventies and I just wanted to see if I could beat the road , psychic driving man !’


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