I had reason to speak to The Performing Rights Society , I was unsure if we needed a licence for our new arts club , the woman I spoke to advised me immediately , ‘Yes you do .’ no debate about , if we wanted to play music we had to get a licence , […]



There was nothing like Suicide , they were the most fucked up musical duo ever , I used to listen to John Peel when I was a kid on an old radio , I would fall asleep with the radio on , one night I drifted off , Alan Vega’s aaarrrrghhhhhh woke me , I […]

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Festival Fun

The year I finally made some progress as a musician the band’s drummer went off to Glastonbury , we waited for his return anxious to begin rehearsals for a planned UK tour , he never showed up , weeks went by and then I got a call from a man in Brighton who tells me […]

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