I had reason to speak to The Performing Rights Society , I was unsure if we needed a licence for our new arts club , the woman I spoke to advised me immediately , ‘Yes you do .’ no debate about , if we wanted to play music we had to get a licence , she had that tone in her voice and a manner that suggested she thought highly of herself and the PRS so I thought I better go to work on her.

‘When you mean music what you really mean is music controlled by PRS which is not all music is it.’
‘We control all music .’
‘ No you do not , that is rubbish , there is lots of music you have no control over .’
‘Well if you want our list of all the music we control you can buy the book.’
‘How much does that cost?’
‘Two hundred pounds .’
‘ You know what really upset me was being spied on by The PRS , you sent a man and a woman to my studio to investigate me , that was after many letters and a phone call , I had explained that I did not need a PRS licence but you still sent two creeps to spy on me , why ?’
‘I cannot comment on that .’
‘Yeah sure , so we have to buy your licence then what , we play music of our choice and then we can generate some income for artists we like , I am a PRS member maybe I could play my own material and generate some money for myself , but no ,PRS do a snap shot of what major radio stations are playing and all the money would go to mainstream artists , not the musicians we support , your methods are unfair and unsound. I have been in sandwich shops with PRS letters pasted to wall warning them of large fines , for what because a couple of biddys are listening to the bloody radio .’

That is what the PRS do folks , a part of the problem not the solution.


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