Its always been the same , talk about legalisation of Cannabis and the Tories will jump up and say ‘No way.’ Recently over 100,000 people signed a petition to initiate a debate about the legalisation of Cannabis , the government sent out to all people who signed the petition a statement detailing their current position , lots of stats and a proud declaration that cannabis use is now at an all time low .

That’s great because we all want to live forever in our clean, healthy world , no drugs , no crime , yes it will all be rosy in the Tory’s drug free world.
When it comes to advancing the debate about Cannabis it seems that the Tories have a firm belief that Cannabis remains an enemy , the substance that will propel UK society towards the abyss .

It is well known that they sacked the appointed drugs advisor Dr Nutt when he failed to produce the information they needed , he gave them the true facts which was at odds with Tory entrenched view that recreational drugs are the scourge of society .
The current government communication to the Cannabis lobby is as odious as ever allowing no progression towards reforming UK drug laws , for as long as the Tory’s are in power they will not make any attempt at all to change legislation that has for so long created so much unnecessary Police work and damage to people’s lives.

The problem for the Tory’s is that some Police forces have given up the fight , Durham Police for example and perhaps other’s will follow , as Police funding is cut and resources scarce the Police have to prioritise , continuing to apprehend , process and criminalise people for cannabis related transgressions is counter productive.
Aside from the time factor Cannabis crime is a large cost to the tax payer , at all levels it is a significant amount that perhaps is yet to be defined , if you think that the main beneficiaries of Cannabis transgressions that come to court are the people who run and administrate the judiciary system .

I have no doubt that the future Palimentary debate on Cannabis will amount to nothing , the Tory’s will win . the Cannabis lobby will fail , why ? because Cannabis consumer’s have created a monster , Skunk weed , a variety of cannabis that is so strong you can get stoned just by looking at it , it smells vile , it is anti social , it promotes mental instability , it’s price is hugely inflated , it is the dog shit of the weed world , a commodity that is cherished by the underclass ,it’s over inflated price guarantees hi financial gains ,it is saturated with chemicals , and it destroys young minds ,for as long as skunk weed and all the variants exist there is no opportunity to achieve legalisation .


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