I have paid little attention to the current Rugby Football World Cup ,the local council apparently have spent a significant amount of money on installing various things around the town to keep Rugby fans happy , things like signs , flags on poles that kind of thing.

When I saw the scale of the council’s investment for some reason I thought of a film I watched about the Pope’s visit to a poor impoverished town in South America , the local’s busily engaged themselves in preparation for the Pope’s visit , one man going to great lengths to build a public toilet , they all hoped to capitalise on the Pope’s visit.
It never worked out the way they expected and they were left demoralised and poverty stricken .

I guess Rugby School’s celebrations will be somewhat different than the giant ‘fan zone’ metal shed erected on a car park in a dismal part of town, Rugby has better locations but this shitty car park seemed just the ticket especially as it is a good distance from Rugby School.

Rugby School is deeply odious ,insular , elitist and the birth of Rugby Football , it was a school that required the intervention of the reformationist Dr Arnold who had to address the issue of sexual debauchery but the ritualist sadistic practices that demoralised , subverted and traumatised boys described in the book Tom Brown’s School day’s continued .

The school may have evolved over the years but the buildings have remained the same with no major redevelopment or degradation , it is kept in pristine condition ,peppered with signs ,’ Property of Rugby School , keep out !’
The other side of the town was dominated by industry and commerce and up until the 1980’s quite vibrant , the town’s decline is an ongoing process , streets consisting of pound shops , charity shops , fast food outlets and cafe’s .
Building were demolished over time and replaced by inferior buildings ,architectural heritage laid to waste .

Every day Rugby people are reminded of the disparity between Rugby School and the Rugby Town , the insurmountable gulf that exists between the rich and poor and this is aptly demonstrated by the environments that reflect the inequality and the insidious nature of privilege , wealth and arrogance.

So do I want to cheer England on , join in the celebration of this wonderful game that was invented on Rugby School soil , the answer is no , you can take that Rugby ball and shove it right up your …..
Rugby School have contributed next to nothing to this town , the sweat and toil of others did , they created industry that radically dwarfed the presence of the school and bought economic prosperity and social cohesion that no longer exists.

Rugby Football fortunately belongs to the people and I sincerely hope fans have a great world cup and England is victorious but please remember the game was an invention born out of a dark place , an environment that for most of it’s existance was and still is out of bounds , a no mans land that we have to live with .

The social fabric of UK society and communites are under strain, to live alongside people who act as if we are invisible is a perpetual insult .




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