The first song I remember hearing as a child that made my mind retch was a song called ‘Seasons in the Sun.’ I don’t know this particular song got under my skin or why I was repelled by it but I was , I loved music but this song sent my mind to hell Sundays […]

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Just to set the record straight regarding the name ‘Drugby’ , It’s origin and cultural significance. Legend has it that a group of journalists were sent out on an assignment from London , their task was to ascertain where in the UK you could score drugs the quickest. Rugby came out top because one of […]

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Carcassonne Pt2 . The Show .

After a performance in Tilburg Holland someone had likened the appearance of the band to an Eastender’s Pub quiz team , I was hoping the glorious setting of the castle may elevate our group persona , I was on stage and had no idea of how we looked from the audiences perspective which was probably […]

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