Carcassonne Pt2 . The Show .

After a performance in Tilburg Holland someone had likened the appearance of the band to an Eastender’s Pub quiz team , I was hoping the glorious setting of the castle may elevate our group persona , I was on stage and had no idea of how we looked from the audiences perspective which was probably a good thing , but hey we were inside a castle soaked in the beauty and splendour of Carcassonne, so maybe we were not the Eastenders pub quiz team on holiday but a pretty eclectic looking bunch none the less .

When I am out on a limb , thrust into the light facing an audience I like to get my guitar round my neck and my 61 Burns Bison Bass was the biggest axe in the castle , I was ready to do battle .

I made some mistakes , misread the set list , some minor scrambling across the fret board but overall it was a blast , a mad sprint through the SRB space rock pop repertoire , a set that perhaps took the Carcassonne audience way beyond the simple parameters of dance music , Sterling I think wanting to steer everyone to the moon and back and by the time we finished I believe his mission was complete.

Andrew was a really nice guy and the king of the castle , he reminded me of a butcher , a man who presents the best cuts of meat to his customers with simple and honest intentions , to provide sustenance to the beat hungry party mob.
The format has to be right , tempo , rhythm , structure and Andrew Wetherall knows his craft , his alchemy and his audience .
People bitch about dance music and technology but when you hone it down to the quintessential elements , it is fun , cathartic , accessible and spiritually uplifting , it satisfies the primal human urge to be a tribe , to cast off the conventions of modern life , at least for those few precious hours in Carcassonne Castle .

I was suffering from Scouse Pzyk fest deficiency syndrome , there was something missing , the chance to get off my head and have a craic and to see some great bands , as it was I heard some great sounds and watched Vox Low but my heart was in the great city of Liverpool where it was also happening .
The festival organisers are kind and with hearts as warm as the climate , immensely hospitable and a pleasure to meet , I hope they got something from having us there , most bands are conventional , well rehearsed and perform , we just happen .

Return journey and the revolving scenery starts again , you always feel different on the way back , spent out , confused , I read the last chapters of Slaughterhouse 5 , Billy Pilgrim is
on Tralfamadore with the aliens , I’m sitting in the van at Calais watching the blood moon , and so it goes.


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