Just to set the record straight regarding the name ‘Drugby’ , It’s origin and cultural significance.

Legend has it that a group of journalists were sent out on an assignment from London , their task was to ascertain where in the UK you could score drugs the quickest.
Rugby came out top because one of the journalist asked a local Rugby man on Rugby train station and was supplied on the spot , this senario has been confirmed by local man Rowland Ford who was not the man who provided the drug but knows the man who did.

The story was printed and the small market town of Rugby earned itself the alternative name of Drugby.
Did it deserve the name ? Perhaps not, the town at the time was an important centre of industry and had a vibrant economy but drug use was no higher than in any other locality .

The name Drugby would have died if it were not for the ill conceived efforts of a local man Christian Payne who resurrected the name for a non drug related website thing ,I was never sure just what it was about other than an empty headed vehicle for the guy’s ego , anyway bright spark that he was he had stickers made and other promotional stuff and went about spreading the word which caused offence to those who dislike drugs , pointless websites and people denigrating their town .

Rugby is a lot of things but Drugby it is not , sometimes I wished it was .


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