Warning .
This is a radioactive rant and may cause offence to some people, it is a response from me regarding the unacceptable methods and behaviour of Rugby Gymnastics Club and Gill Mckee.

I spent a decade trying to haul my business onto the right track , trying to steer it away from it’s past , initially it was set up by a partially sighted black guy Barlow Wright.
Barlow was a dick , a complete arse hole, he eventually left with all the studio equipment that was paid for with grant money , he also kidnapped Charlie Pritchard but that’s another story , Barlow was a real shit and sadly typical of the local West Indian Community who were at the time infected with a strange brand of parochial racism .

Anyway Barlow’s loss was my gain and I took over the vacant rooms and began running a new business .

Ten years in the Rugby Gym Club begin to implode , John Moore the head of the club is embezzling money , my money , or I should say our money because at the time I had a guy called Nigel , sorry Rupert acting as my partner , no idea why this happened but it did .
John was caught out and the Gym Club had a sharp change of trustees , John was dodgy sure but our relationship worked and he got things done , I also split with Rupert , a good guy but we were too different to really work together and he was a hippy !

I came up with a game plan and that was to pursue a Heritage Lottery Grant to renovate the site , at the time there was grant money up to 500k available for this project .
I was called into the Gym Club to meet Gill Mckee the newly appointed head of the club .
We sat and talked , Gill set the tone immediately by making no attempt at being friendly , I ended the meeting by telling her of my plan which involved me becoming a charity and together we should pursue the grant to save the building and establish a community concern , she looked at like I was insane and then our meeting ended , the problems started from there.

Gill came from nowhere with her own agenda ,I been there for a decade longer than her and radically improved the Gym Club’s economy creating much needed stability as well as offering staunch support .
The club was propped up by three other trustees who hardly interacted with me , Gill however was in everyone’s faces , badgering people about car parking and other petty issues but the worse aspect to her plan was to undermine me.

It took Gill a decade to wear me down , I grew resentful , I was setting up a pa for their functions , I was taking care of the building as much as I could whilst they watched it develop into a rain sodden wreck , I was working 7 days a week to pay the rent and getting more out of shape as time went on .

It was my intention to become a Gym Club trustee and to restore community ethos established by the Youth Promotions Organisation , the YP should have purchased their building but lost out to The Gym Club, this is another story .
Gill and the trustees decided to employ a strategy which involved deception , they knew they would always sell up so they did not want anyone on the site that would jepodise their plans but they also needed cash so they lied to us , ‘No we will be here forever .’ and here is a self authored shoddy tenancy agreement for you to sign and also the rent is going up .

We did our best to negotiate decent terms but the years from 2002 were difficult , a rent increase then another rent increase , replacement of the electrics , stone guards at the windows ect it cost over 3k , nothing got spent on the Gym Club who had antiquated electrics , a leaking roof ect , they simply diverted the attention of their insurance inspector on to us .

It just got harder and harder , it was no different for the Gym Club who struggled to make any profit , the years past by and I became entrenched in a constant battle with her and the musicians .


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