Shock, horror , disgust , revulsion , how ever you assemble and reassemble words they are never enough to describe the aftermath of terror and loss of life , it’s a deep tragady that will resonate for a long time.

Earlier in the year in the warmth of the French climate and people I had the privilege to play my bass in the very special setting of Carcassone Castle , Vox Low one of the acts are from Paris and they would have been to the Bataclan as would many other people from Paris who love live music .

Music venues are our church , it’s where we come to feel spiritual , whatever the genre of the music it is our sanctuary from the banality of human existence and it is a place you go to feel safe , to experience something that resonates within.

The landscape of what we know is rapidly changing , the biggest loss of life was in a music venue during a rock concert in an environment I would regard after decades of playing music my home.

Music hardly matters in the light of such tragic events , what matters is the people lost and their families , I knew the people in Bataclan , not personally but I know the people they were , I am just the same , sometimes I am in the audience, sometimes on stage ,I have spent most of my adult life in this environment but now I just don’t know anymore .


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