Rosco asked me to play bass with his band at Carcassonne Castle in France , it felt like a strange proposition , a combination of various factors that would usually make me recoil , for a start I don’t play bass anymore at least in other people’s bands , I am a solo act and one that in my opinion has a status the equals if not eclipses Rosco’s band , I hate travelling in  van’s especially for extended periods , there was so many things I forgot to consider , the cost of train and bus tickets ,the  seven hours that it  took to get from Rugby to Stoke Newington and back  for rehearsals , but I  said yes and vowed to put down the best bee lines I could muster.

In total I played 5 gigs not counting the Lincoln gig where we got banned from the venue , the last gig was the best , Rosco should have been very happy because finally the band had come together , it was tight , fluid and devoid of any indecision .

When we were young we could see some road ahead , nowadays there is no road ahead , look behind then all we will see is wreckage , the days are gone when you can approach music making and  touring as an adventure , the reality is a ghastly as it ever was , it is brutal and at times completely fucking pointless , and in an age when people are screaming about the globe warming up and terrorists are murdering concert goers I have no doubt whatsoever that our days are gone .

I hope the SRB carries on and Rosco can gain some support for what he does , the band is great and in someways I wished I could remain a part of it but fate decrees that I have to go in  another direction .



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