The Ergz  was a three piece band I formed I guess almost a decade ago although it seems like yesterday.

I took the name from a conversation I had with a friend Tom Long who was bass player in Pinkerton’s Assorted Colours , I gathered from what he said that an ‘Erg.’ was 1960’s terminology for an undesirable .

Anyway I liked the name but I spelt it ‘Urgz’ which rendered the word unintelligible to most people, my mistake , but after a few rehearsal’s and fine tuning I had a brilliant band with I hoped a great future.

Well it was all good for a while , our work ethic was busy . I don’t think I had ever been so happy working on music as I was back then .

We played a few local shows and I was getting to the stage where I wanted to get out of town when…

You may have seen the ‘No time wasters please’ on band personnel ads , it’s there for a reason because this person does exist and will steal your  time and render your hard work useless , in our case his name was Crow.

Crow or ‘No show Crow .’ as his last band called him was a great drummer and very easy to work with , I had absolutely no idea he was a flaky git .

I was sitting at a table judging an X Factor style talent contest at the local West Indian Club when I got the text from Crow , he left the band, I was devastated .

Gareth my bass player is like Dylan the Rabbit in human form so it was deeply upsetting when he got mugged late one night , the assailant smashed his eye socket which had to be rebuilt somehow , he nearly lost an eye , this episode changed his life , always one of  the most liked benign guy in town suddenly was a changed person.

Gareth received compensation and bought a new electric bike that somebody stole off him , the times changed so quickly from positivity to deep negativity , I continued it on for a year or so with different people but it was never the same.

The strange thing about The Ergs was that I found out there had  already been a band from Rugby in the 1960’s called  ‘The Ergs, it was a shame we never stayed together  but some of the best music is made with bands that have a very short shelf life.














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