I already enlightened the world to the dismally disappointing senario which has resulted in a  long term fraud perpetrated against members of SP3  , here is another scam that is currently operating by many different companies , let me explain how it works.

First you set up a company and website selling  printed products , everything from t shirts to phone case’s , the design’s are provided by ‘designers’ who sign up for 20% of the profit once the item is sold .

The products are probably outsourced , the designs which are provided by all the budding aspiring graphic designers is a method of creating distance between the company and the legality of the design issues  because a huge amount of the graphic designs are not owned by the company or  designers , they are stolen.

Of course there are areas of ambiguity but in the t shirt world IP infringement is rife and that is how companies such as Red Bubble and Styleart make a living , through out right theft .

I seriously doubt that designers contribute to these companies  , I believe they do things if they think they can get away with it and that involves masses of IP infringements , do not buy any products from RED BUBBLE or STYLEART these companies are deliberately stealing other people’s property and selling it for profit , just because it exists , does not mean it’s yours and that includes anything designed by me !




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