Nick Hayden’s time in The Darkside was turbulent , a catastrophic episode which ended in a  prison sentence and Nick fleeing to Oxford , his life imploded , I had some sympathy but only a little ,Nick’s problem’s were mostly of his own construction .

Being in a working band was not for Nick especially The Darkside, the band that he formed  , once it started it was a run away process of disintegration .

Nick ended up hating the band , the crux of Nick’s dissatisfaction was Rosco , they both went to the same school and there was instant petty  animosity the day Rosco arrived to replace Nick’s girlfriend Tuesday on drum’s .

I will take a detour past the nasty stuff , and there is lot’s of it , a big stinking pile of foolishness that made life so wonderful back then , Nick destroyed his life in Rugby , perhaps deliberately , after he left the band he spent  months in hiding with an Iranian man called Mohammed  above his sandwich shop .

Mo as we called him was a nice guy and he liked Nick , maybe a little too much , when I went in there to retrieve something of mine  that Nick had left behind he said ‘Ah Loverly Nicky with the long blonde hair .’

So Nick disappeared like dust in the wind leaving his close friend’s behind with relationships shattered and wounded hearts.

The years passed and I heard nothing from him until we made contact via email , all I could gather was that Nick was currently into UFO’s , been to Australia and done some charity work , wife , kid’s, career all seem abcent from Nick’s life , he sent me a blurry picture of an alien craft he encountered in Oz and that was it.

Sometime later I get another email , this time he says he has been mugged in Nigeria, lost his passport and needed  me to send him 1k urgently , crumbs, poor old Nick who I have not seen or spoken to for over a decade is in dire straights I must send him a thousand quid to help him out of this predicament .

I did not send him a penny but advised him someone must be fucking with his email account , anyway I did not hear back from him but eventually I found out what Nick was up to when I viewed his website called ‘Quest For The Invisible’s.’

I was not upset that Nick had tried to get a grand off me just amazed at his audacity  , the money was to help Nick convert a camera so that it can be used to shoot in Ultra Violet and other spectrum’s , the camera has to be modified by a specialist in USA and it is a costly business.

After looking at Nick’s site I was impressed , not with the design which was awful but the compelling and beguiling nature of the content . Nick had seemed to have captured on film unseen light creatures , he calls them light fish .

As Nick explains on his site these creatures and the technique to capture them has existed for sometime ,Nick has researched the subject  and invested all his time and money , fortunately not my money into demonstrating to the world this unique and odd phenomena .

So perhaps Nick has finally found something to give him a purpose in life , except that there could be a explanation to this enthralling phenomena , when I was explaining his work to someone he says ‘You mean aeroplankton .’

Well it was always a possibility that Nick’s discovery had a rational explanation but that still does not detract from his work which in my opinion is still fascinating and still a highly strange unknown subject.

I sincerely hope he continues with his work , I kind of like Nik Heyes , an  alter ego he created to represent his project  , he made a good effort to lose that horrible Rugby accent and sounded very bright and knowledgable when he was interviewed by BBC Radio Oxford , so I hope he returns with more of this fascinating research .

The Quest For The Invisible’s site is no longer in existence but he still has a You Tube channel active which includes the Radio Oxford interview , by the way the music used on his video’s is Nick’s post Darkside efforts , just what happened to Nick and his project who know’s , sometime’s things like this yield more questions than answers .



  1. Hey Pete,

    Yep, that pretty sounds like Nick, including the slight tendemcy for scrounging, or loose sense of property lol
    I lost touch when I left Oxford in 2003.
    By the time I wanted to get some news he seemed to vanish into thin air and I never managed to get a hold of him since
    So thanks for posting…
    Could you forward his email to me?
    He’s an old friend from the Oxford days, close one. I was there when he met and wef his then wife, australian Kate…
    Please let me have his email


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