1980’s , a council house , a garage punk compilation tape and a lazy lost afternoon . I thought the singer said ‘Acid Ray ‘ but on closer listening he says ‘Axe it Ray.’ before playing one of those sick guitar solo’s that make garage punk so good .

Acid Ray Productions was used by The Darkside for a few releases  outside the record company , an official bootleg ‘Psychedelicise Suberbia ‘ and some other things .

Some years ago I set Acid Ray website , I had hi hopes as the site was initially very successful , I had two very serious bouts of illness in a short space of time which knocked me out for months , the website turned into a hugely frustrating project as the guy responsible for setting up the site became elusive , it became impossible to keep updates going and eventually after paying him good money year after year and unable to progress it I was forced to close it down .

2016 is the year I intend to resurrect Acid Ray as an online shop .

A recurring theme with my blogging is the wrong doings that have occurred during the past , Acid Ray is a  way to redeem something from these times and address the issues surrounding the cack handed avaricious commercial exploitation that has been  going on for decades  .

I also want to address the insidious attitude of Universal Music and Martin Mills who together have deliberately made  material inaccessible to the band members and new  generations of Psyche music fans .

I would like to say to the fan’s , the people who have run and administrated the financial exploitation of SP3 do not give a shit about you or the band , SP3 has just been a long term way of creating easy money , we have all been duped .

So I hope I can count on your support , all Acid Ray products will be  carefully considered and lovingly prepared, Acid Ray is not all about the past , it will be a base for me as a creative person providing at last after many years stumbling about in the undergrowth a new path.


One thought on “ACID RAY

  1. Hi Pete, just to let you know I’ve registered and If you’re still planning on setting up a webshop then don’t worry I’ll transfer them to you, they’re yours. Or even help you set it up. But if not I might do something with them, maybe a fan site or something, if that’s OK with you.


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