I was alone with Goff in the main studio at The Abattoir  home of the Brum Reggae band  UB40 .

‘So all I need to do is to spend a few weeks driving round in my car practicing with the tracks and get Beggars to book another two days so I can redo the vocal’s.’

‘No it’s great as it is  , really man , it sounds far out , Beggars love it ,’

‘No Goff I made most of the stuff up on the spot I really need to finish off the lyrics and change some of the songs , I haven’t had enough practice yet .’

The debate carried on until Goff advised me that the band needed the money , or rather he needed the money , cash being always in short supply in Goff’s nefarious existence , the band ,well I guess it was either gobble up whatever money could be got out of the situation or get paid by the government to get high and dream dreams in bedsit land.

I was bitterly disappointed not just with the unsatisfactory end to the album session but being denied the chance to perfect a great record .

I have no hesitation to call it a great record , there was more to Rugby than SP3 , ATN was filled with so many influences  ,  a psyche  pop record made by three people at a moment when perhaps we all believed in the power of our music.

My improvements if I got to make them would have made a difference to the outcome , as it was it received great reviews which managed to distract me from my feelings  , and my feeling was to quit , to walk away from it , although we had managed to break out of the Rugby drone rock sound and present an album that had it’s own wonky psychedelic charm the band was a shaky proposition .

Our singer proved to be a heavy liability   and had left the band a few  months before the session  after serving a short spell in prison on a trumped up drug dealing charge , Goff Roderick was juggling his drug dealing and his position of band manager and making a  very bad job of it , Kev Cowan  a brilliant guitarist but seemed desperately uncomfortable in his role  , Rosco had developed  his own agenda and was not going to remain on drums for too long .

Someone needed to  sort this mess out , to tell us that we had a great record and a solid foundation to build on , Goff needed to be sacked , no slapped very hard then sacked , Kev needed to be reminded that although he may of been unhappy  he should not of brought  other people  down  ,  Rosco needed to understand the parameters of his own abilities and realise the group format was entirely  brilliant   .

ATN was just the start of the end , it was all downhill after this lp  , I blame Goff Roderick but I also blame the band  ,it was perhaps  Beggars Banquet’s easy going nature which also led to the collapse .

Everything that came after ATN was effected by this session where we proved we could make exemplary music but failed to develop into a unit with mutual respect for each other . We should have split up after this lp , it was the 5 year contract that prolonged the lifespan of the band .

We would return the following year to record the last Darkside lp , The Abattoir was ok but a bit of a dungeon and an expensive one at that  , UB40 came across as  selfish ass holes apart from Brian the sax player and Bitty Mclean who was there on work experience , Richard Waghorn was a joy to work with but I realise that working in studio’s of this ilk was wrong for a band like us when we could of easily set up our own studio .

The new version of this album has been compiled by myself , I have chosen recordings made during the early period of the three week recording session .

These are rough mixes provided to us for reference purposes , they are imperfect but I think my version of ATN is an improvement on the official release , unheard instrumentals of two songs are included replacing the versions featured on the Beggars Banquet .

The Acid Ray version of All That Noise will be released in 2016 and available from the webshop.


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