So I took my son Oz who is fascinated with bikes to the motorcycle show at the NEC.

The machinery is resplendant and intoxicating and sometimes disappointing when you get to throw your leg over a Ducati and realise even if you could afford it you would never get on with it , like a fiery impetuous Italian woman you will forever feel  inadequate in it’s presence , so I look at the biggest sector of the market , the zimmer frames on wheel’s the Triumph Bonneville , lo insurance and retro looks makes this Triumph’s golden egg , an archaic design all spivved up to make those blokey blokes go weak at the knees .

Norton are ridiculous , they get government aid then go racing a  bike with an Italian Engine at the Isle of Man TT , at 16k their bikes are at the hi end of the market making them a bourgeois elitist fantasy item  but a very nice fantasy for anyone who seeks instant alienation from the biker community .

An equal split between European and Jap manufacturers , Honda being the most important , clean , contentious  [best coffee in the place , charitable donation instead of payment .], the world would be a much poorer place without the ingenuity of the Japanese .

The other manufacturers just do not have what Triumph has , Marlon Brando , Clint Eastwood , Steve McQueen did not ride Honda’s, Kawasaki’s or Yamaha’s , they rode Triumph motorcycles , call me an old fool but for me that means a lot and that’s why they  make an awful lot of Bonnevilles for all the old duffers who want to live their dream , and what kind of dream is that , well one that is not destined to last for long .

It all started to unravel after the first hall , we made our way to the second hall , once inside the second arena I was instantly stunned , I had watched an episode of the Avengers when Emma Peel is trapped inside a house and every door led back to the same room , this was happening to me , it was an exact replica of the first hall .
I was not at all happy with this , the Motorcycle show was a sham , the motorcycle industry is as relevant as the music industry both propped up by old people flogging the same tired horse , the people at the show were old , the bikes looked old , the world is dying and people want to spend thousands of pounds on a piece of fossil burning machinery that will be destined to be future junk.
Men who get all animated in the company of these shiny machines have very little usable life left , I wonder are they shopping for a motorcycle for the next life ?
The world of motorcycling is filled with greatness , it is also blighted by idiocy , I wonder who will be there in a decades time .


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