I passed  Sam in my car  late one night, he was  sitting on the kerb with his legs in the road looking completely conquered , I later got to know him as the loud frenetic drummer of John Doe and My Darling Nihilist .

One time Sam and MDN main man Paul Kilby volunteered to paint the studio toilets , I checked to see how things were progressing , ‘Fucking hell , you got more paint on yourselves than on the walls , and why are you using gloss paint , that’s for the wood work.’ I think Laurel and Hardy would of made a better job .

It all made sense when I saw Sam’s art for the first time , now I understand his technique and his abstract methods   , Sam’s work has  a unique  quality  and I am very  pleased he has been able to  become an established artist  .

My friend has an old fireman’s helmet painted by Mishka Westrell  it looks like an artefact from the swinging sixties , Mishka popped up during the latter end of the Rugby Psychedelic era , she eventually headed out to Texas where her soul  may have been taken possession of by a deceased acid head .

To say that Mishka’s work is influenced by the psychedelic art of the sixties is an understatement but she is an awesome illustrator and artist , her work seems to be mainly concert posters , staying true to the original pioneers of this medium , Mishka is an amazingly talented woman and I look forwards to seeing more of her work.

The last artist I knew as the girl who broke my friend’s heart , she was a part of a social group I called ‘The Sour Grape’s .’ Like playfully malevolent fairies they flitted about our lives then disappeared .

Claire Shegog’s work is visually stunning , simple and clever , she seems to have found art rather late in life or maybe  just pursued an odd ball idea.

Back in the day I thought her social group  disliked who we were and what we did but in the end  ironically she seems to have embraced the concept of repetition in the same fashion as SP3 to create her piece .

Claire’s  work  has a price of  10-15k  ,sometimes art valuation appears arbitrary and certainly can put it  beyond the means of normal folk , her work certainly looks unique and is somehow apt for the NYC  art scene she inhabits  and the people who would purchase a piece like Claire’s would probably not give a flying fuck how much it costs  .

Please check out the work of these three diverse contemporary artists originally from Rugby now residing in London and the US .



2 thoughts on “THREE RUGBY ARTISTS

  1. Claire sent me a link to this Pete. Really nice article. I don’t know the other two artists but will definitely look them up. Hope you’re well and happy.

    PS Were we really that malevolent?


    1. Hello Tracey,

      Thanks for the message , I have edited the article slightly , I am too cynical at times , I really like Claire’s work and her concept and I don’t want to undermine the sentiment I was trying to put over , I would love to see her work if I ever get back to NYC.
      I am unemployed at the moment which is why I mess about with the blog but I am busy trying to put a new arts facility together in Rugby , not easy but we have got great support .
      I hope Claire gets some recognition for her work and keeps working , it was a nice surprise to discover her after all these years .

      all the best



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