Like most sane people I despise royalty , the concept and the application of this most stupid practice is an anachronism in this day and age .

Our own royal family is unique I think by being a proper family albeit a kind of ‘for show.’ family , the Windsor’s are a slight embarrassment  but we pamper them and allow them  their acts of stupidity especially when they put on a show when all the fancy stuff comes out and the country for a moment feels proud to be British.

The great thing about the monarchy is you can criticise it without fear of imprisonment , beating or  death  .

Thailand is a place where criticism of the King will land you in prison and has for as long as I can remember  been a country with draconian heavy penalties for drug possession and use yet is forever coupled to a reputation of  sexual exploitation, prostitution , hedonism  , deviancy and depravity , this could be summed up in one word ‘Bangkok.’

The king Bhumibol  Aduldyadej aka Rama instigated a war on drugs in 2003 ,a campaign that attracted widespread concern from human rights organisations around the world .

In the first three months 2800 people were executed ,at least  half were deemed to be totally  innocent , 1400 people murdered by Rama’s Police force .

A Thai man Thanakorn Siripaiboon currently is facing a 37 year sentence for criticising The King’s favourite mutt , the nature of the insult is not known , personally I would never criticise the Queen’s Corgi’s , for a start I have no idea of a suitable canine insult and any insults are best directed at the Windsors which is much  like  shooting fish in a barrel.

It seems crazy in this day and age that  countries will continue to revere assholes and place them unnaturally in a position of importance , our royal family have their own form of punishment to keep them inline , it is called charity work , like when Prince Andrew got outed for being a slimy lecherous pig , next thing he is abseiling down a building for charity and on it goes .

I got nothing bad to say about King Bhumibol’s dog except perhaps the orange coat he is wearing in the official photograph is a bit loud , maybe tone it down a little ?

King Bhumibol’s mutt’s life story was made into a full length animated feature film which I am sure is absolutely  terrific and should prove to be great entertainment to the people of Thailand.

The moral of the story I guess is four legs good , two legs bad.


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