This year I  spent more time than I wanted to in London , it provided a shock , the volume and diversity of people on the streets was overwhelming , it was a relief to be on the train heading back to the Midlands , to escape the frenetic jumble .

I  notice  strange creepy  derelict shops and buildings which look  out of place ,buildings owned by  investors that seem to have no purpose , this is odd because one thing you need in London is a purpose , even the homeless people or ‘tramps’ as they used to be called appear to have life  worked out with  free transport , meals and accommodation .

This parastitcal relationship between the city and the homeless will always continue , the less secure are the community of musician’s ,entertainers , artists . These people instigate and support the infrastructure of small scale events in the city , the kind of gigs that are so vital to nurture and support young talent .

Social cleansing is an ongoing process and irreversible , in the case of a friend I know who has managed to live in the epicentre of the city for many years London’s social cleansing has pushed him to the furthest of the city limits .

This I presume creates a dispersal of  people and allows the imposition of higher rents , my  friend I have to add is reliant on government handouts which  has historically been a recognised position for many aspiring artists but unfortunately cannot be sustained  in todays environment .

This is perhaps not such a bad thing , my friend like the majority of people who exist in his position are not native to the area or have a particular standing within the entertainment industry , they are  flotsam and jetsam , the floating debris that drift amongst the populous of the city .

Considering the London music scene has contracted and become more localised it means very little to me anymore ,in fact when I think about it I think I can do without London altogether .











































































































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