I would like to say thanks for reading my blogs and the bit of positive feedback I have got , I guess readers have an understanding of why I blog and what effect I am trying to create , for the most part my writing comes from a somewhat antagonistic and cynical  perspective.

I use blogging as a cathartic exercise , I am no poet or  a creative writer but I like to think I am an honest writer .

Right now I am thinking about 2016 , the year will start with the funeral and wake of Rowley Ford , for the past 5 years or so I have been supporting him one way or another , it has been at times quite frustrating trying to halt his demise , but now it is over and life already feels a little quieter and emptier .

I have already mentioned in earlier blogs , we have some  serious issues to resolve with Gerald Palmer and Fire Records , when I say ‘we’ I refer to all  SP3 members , this obviously implies a unified status , the best thing that happened during 2015 was the opportunity to rekindle relationships that have deteriorated over the past decade or so, however that could all change at a drop off a hat.

A realisation on my part that my attitude and behaviour  in the past was not at all good , I have struggled as have other members , I decided to try and make amends , this year I joined The Sterling Roswell Band for a string of dates including Andrew Weatherall’s festival in Carcassonne France .

The gigs certainly got better as we became more familiar with the material , I found Rosco’s songs to be very enjoyable to play ,  the physical distance  between us unfortunately was an insurmountable problem so I am unsure if I can continue to be a part of the band or if we can collaborate together on a new project.

I would like to reform SP3 as 2016 is the 30th anniversary of Sound Of Confusion , the chances of this happening are fairly slim but who knows Jason may change his mind one day .
As no one seems to be particularly bothered about this anniversary I have taken it upon myself to conduct my own commemoration and I will be creating some SP3 merchandise during the year , all items will be limited in quantity and high in quality unlike the cheap , nasty , shoddy  shit that was sold sold back in the day, , and  I was cut out of the profits forcing me to withdraw from working with the band , yes guy’s I remember it well !

I hope to be able to get out and play more solo shows , I am working on a new set using a basic foundation of Roland TB 303 bass lines , the little plastic box so favoured by techno heads , the TB303 is a great synth which I have used on many recordings over the years .

Two Bassman lp’s are scheduled for release in 2016 on Hoga Nord Sweden and Volantes Discos in Argentina , my Acid Ray company will be releasing as much music as possible , Alphastone , Bassman , Darkside , and other archive recordings , I may possibly release a  SP3 recording if Gerald Palmer/Fire Records are unable to pull their fingers out their arses , .

So please keep checking out the blog , I will be off loading all my thoughts and views here , some of it will be inflammatory and highly confrontational , I hope !  The anniversary of Sound Of Confusion will be a consistent theme and I will be putting out blogs relating to this period throughout the year.

Happy New Year




    1. Hello Tony , to be specific , I have three designs that I will be producing , the SP3 logo , restored gig poster art and a new SP3 design , the SP3 anniversary of Sound of Confusion and the current unchecked unauthorised commercial exploitation by people is my motivation to do this , I intend to produce the best quality products I can , Acid Ray will not rely soley on these products , it will diversify in time.
      This year is an apt opportunity to celebrate if that is possible the release of the debut lp , in an ideal world the band reforms to play a series of shows , the album is remixed , remastered and re released , in the real world , SP3/FIRE/GERALD PALMER are locked into a highly dysfunctional situation , all parties realising the enormity of the shit heap of contention they have created !


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