This part of Hillmorton was once a quarry , the houses were built on and around  the huge pits  left behind in the land . I thought we would be ok in our new abode , only one neighbour , no kids , it was really perfect for us .

Nobody of our ilk were safe in Hillmorton , the inquisition continued , our neighbour just put up with us , he  never called The Police but he could not be trusted ,the majority of  people were just like him , living in social housing on  small wages hoping to eventually move up the ladder .

Council housing could be brilliant and the opportunity granted to us was amazing , the ability to  move freely by just exchanging your house but the only problem was the house’s themselves , a cheap house will always be a cheap house , crap bricks , thin walls  .

The environment was still strangely static , devoid of youth , opportunities    or life , everyday we woke up and there was nothing going on outside apart from the bus that passed at regular times of the day .

We were getting older , past our teenage years, the lifestyle that we had embraced with gay abandon was now not looking so free and easy , Rugby had a small but insidious Drug Squad , there was a  problem in Rugby for sure , death trap junkies and happy stoners , the good , the bad and the ugly , the drug squad being the ugly element .

It’s 1986 and all I wanna do is get stoned , I was back in the  Spacemen 3 ,over the past two years the development of Rugby music had been quite rapid , nobody really knew who would make it , the Spacemen certainly were the band that had the most original and cohesive sound , the question mark in my mind was would it hang together for more than five minutes .

Six years later I closed the door , during those years our lives became radically realigned , fate decreed that  this house  was no longer my home , it hurt , the sense of loss was immense , no longer would I have anymore council house dreams three sizes too big for my head.


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