It was easy to be taken in  by the event , it happened at a time when the UK could still  remember street parties , the time  when the people occasionally  unified and celebrated an  insignificant point in history , the Queens Silver Jubilee being one such event in my life .

Live Aid came from nowhere , at least I wasn’t expecting it , it all unfolded like a bad dream in  Wembley Football stadium.

It had to be said most if not all of the acts had already peaked until a tatty   mouth on a stick Irishman gave them a new lease of life .

Boom Town Rats were plastic punks  ‘ I Don’t Like Mondays ,’ was the bands climax before they  went limp and shuffled off to spend the money.

Bob was still clinging on to his staunch belief he had some talent and a god given right to be an anus . By mid 80’s Boomtown Rats were forgotten like most of the other New Wave novelty acts leaving Bob out on a limb.

The famous clip of a petulant Geldof addressing the country ‘Give us yer fucking money .’ it was one of those memorable 80’s moments , nobody ever questioned the integrity of  Live Aid especially the public who now accepted  Geldof as a modern day saint.

Live Aid was a monster created by Bob and his side kick Midge Ure but as a crow bar to use on the public it worked , raising lots of money to address the issue of famine in Ethiopia , the problem was ,what was perceived as a heroic gesture by established  musicians to address a human tragedy had the opposite effect , they made the situation worse !

Spin ,an American  magazine  ran an expose in 1986 which details the situation ,  it appears  Geldof ignored advice  and delivered the cash to the Ethiopian Head of state  at the time  Mengistu Haile Mariam and his Soviet backed Marxist Lenist military junta aka The Derg , a man who deposed the man much revered by Rastafarian’s Haile Selassie and who had already killed a huge amount of people , possibly the people who would of fed the people Bob needed to feed , at that point someone should of tapped Bob on the shoulder  and whispered into his ear ‘Hey Bob you sure we should be giving this guy a heap of cash , I mean he may spend it on  something stupid like guns .’

Bob would have another  attempt at the Live Aid concept in 2014, this time the public did not seem so receptive , as far as commenting on the 1985 humanitarian disaster in Ethiopia and his role in it he has said very little apart from statements of denial .

Mengistu Haile Maraim fled Ethiopia and currently  resides in Zimbabwe  wanted for the genocide of  2 million people, I bet he wished he knew a stupid rock star with a wheel barrow full  of cash .

Thanks to Robert Keating  , Bob Guccione Jr and SPIN magazine , please read the original SPIN article .


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