There was no Swinging Sixties , it was a myth , the UK stumbled more than swung , by the time the 1970’s arrived the optimism and idealism had dissipated , it was the hangover from the decade before.

The accuracy and energy of the great bands , The Stones, Kinks, The Who had all but ebbed away , a worrying trend for fluffy music developed ,sentimental brainless bleating , maudlin moaning , the music scene was a shapeless morass of old school record company rapists and  their turgid one hit wonders.

Bowie started off as David Jones ,a  precocious London mod who dug everything , late Sixties and he is singing about Laughing Gnomes  and his Uncle Arthur , the early Seventies and a void opens up .

Bowie laid down a slew of great records but when did it really start to work for the man , well forget the pretty music and the conceptional frame works , it was when the dj dropped the needle on the record and the room filled with the primal beat of Jean Genie , boys and girls with  over done make up  stomping in unison at the youth club disco .
John I’m Only Dancing , Life On Mars, songs on jukeboxes in poxy  pubs  that momentarally gave these static tombs light , Bowie was light in that dank decay that that was early 70’s Britain , when the fabric of life was peppered with cracks.

Bowies golden years lasted right until the early 80’s , the single Ashes To Ashes was so damn brilliant it took my breath away , Let’s Dance  , a great  track but then I thought , I really love Bowie but I think this is where I say goodbye.

It was strange that Bowie seemed to be aligned to all rock stars of his time in that that they all seemed to be artistically redundant after a certain time period , like they had a contract with the Devil and he called time , what made him great during the 70’s now worked against him and that was his constant desire to remain contemporary .

I saw a tv performance , the bass player had a headless bass, it was crap , I would have liked to been able to say to him , fuck this Dave , just get Herbie Flowers on bass, Rick Wakeman on Key’s and play yer fucking hits and if you really want to wig out a mega long version of  ‘In Memory Of The Free Festival,’ oh yeah and  finish with  ‘All The Young Dudes , ‘ but he never did

So life is life and Bowie is gone , he was our Elvis except Elvis had far less talent than David Bowie , Elvis had the vocabulary of a child compared to Bowie and I think I was lucky to have been alive at the same time , to witness his music .

Bereft of new talent , a vibrant economy or one that even makes sense , all the industry can do now is to  rinse some  money out of the situation .Blackstar is a record I am not sure  if I  will ever buy or listen to  I appreciate the gesture and the incredible poignancy  but I ‘d rather stay in the 1970’s .

Johnny Cash nailed it with one song , ‘Hurt,’ it didn’t matter that it was written by someone else it is an emotional skyscraper and so fucking sad and great but that’s Johhny Cash , I love his voice as much as Bowie’s and as a final statement it contains all the beauty and intensity he could muster .

Bowie issued no shotgun blast to the soul , just a creepy  hipster  muso death trip record , more fodder for this ridiculous sham of an industry to consume , dying people give away their belongings , Bowie made another product to sell , yeah it was a pity he was whore.




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