I said I don’t do politics but it is impossible to ignore the prime candidate in the American presidential elections,  Mr Donald Trump .

I first became aware of Mr Trump when I was needing a piss , finding a public toilet in Manhattan was pretty difficult, Trump Tower had the only public toilet in the area so those in the know would nip into Trump Towers with the sole aim of relieving their bladders, all I knew was he was a rich man.

Sarah Palin another of America’s ‘too dumb to be in politics,’ politician is a Trump supporter, vocalising emphatically to the American nation the many positive attributes of Donald, whilst the sane people hold their heads in their hands and say ‘fuck no!’ Sarah thinks Donald is a super fella  and so does a lot of America.

We wanted to ban Trump from entering the UK  for his incendiary comments directed at Muslims and quite righty so, if many Muslims hold the opinion that Donald Trump is their enemy who can blame them, do we protest about the presence  of American organised pseudo  religions such  as Scientology, Mormonism and the Jehovah Witnesses in the UK.

It seems whilst technology is constantly evolving humanity’s intelligence  is being slowly reverse engineered towards a sci fi dystopian future world run by idiots, if Trump becomes president of the USA  we may be one step closer towards that world .



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