I admit I am an EBay addict , I got hooked many years ago and since that fateful day my life has been dominated by EBay . I have spent a lot of time and money pursuing and purchasing various things , some of these things I needed but most was  just cool stuff I wanted .

I knew I needed to put the brakes on my behaviour before filled my life up with other people’s shit so I tried to leave it alone , a recent transaction finally broke the spell and now I think I got my addiction under control.

I could not resist putting a bid on  two items listed on Ebay  , nice vintage audio tat that hipster studio owners find desirable , the listing was ambiguous but honest enough , no detail just here they are , so I left a reasonable bid and forgot about it , later on I see I won them , hurray !

Sometimes you get an inkling that you have connected with someone who is not right , and I thought hang on this is fishy , once the listing ends the guy realises he has not got enough for his gear , I realise this as well and I think to myself this guy is going to pull a fast one , I could see it coming .

I send him a message , he replies in an arrogant and slightly flippant mood , by this time I know he is trying to work the situation to his advantage.

Concerned about the way that this deal was going I had to do some home work , five minutes later the guy who is jerking me around is dancing like a fool in front of my eyes on YouTube and my ears are filled with a sound , like a pint of warm vomit with a cherry stuck on top ,I find the experience deeply nauseating but I am tempoarily transfixed by the vacuous cacophony .

I was surprised , I thought this guy was just another  EBay herbert but his dad is a music industry big wig  who came to the public’s attention in the early 1980’s with a similar brand of cheap annoying ear worm .  One hit wonders produced a lot of dosh back in those days and the unfortunate consequence was that these people usually had all the opportunity to become embedded into the industry and to foist upon the public their asinine vision of what modern entertainment should be .

So it was a highly interesting conclusion , he gave me a refund without asking , his way of telling me to go fuck myself , that was ok by me because did I really need a notch filter ? I was happy with what I found out .

Wikipedia provided the info , that’s what famous people cannot hold on to , privacy , Trevor Horn was a guy who reputably defined the 1980’s , like Pete Waterman these people put out what they liked which in Trev and Pete’s case seemed to be defined  by  a basic   principle  , cheap  music for cheap people and it paid off stupendously well.

I had to watch the You tube vid again just to remind myself of the horror , there is my man , public school educated with the charisma of Jihadi John jigging about to a tune that sounds like it was written by Zippy and Bungle  on a piss up , and it made number one , it’s too bad you cannot buy machine guns on EBay .


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