I got to confess my naivety and lack of understanding regarding the drug ‘Poppers.’ I have a distant recollection of an experience of being coshed minus the pain, an experience one would associate with solvent abuse, I was trying to dredge up my knowledge of this drug as I had just heard something pretty profound on the radio.

I tuned in half way through a report about the UK government’s psychoactive drug  bill, a Tory minister Crispin Blunt  makes an admission in The House Of Common’s that he is a gay man and a popper user  and the governments bill is, for reasons he explains is just not gonna go down at all well with the gay community,  it was so audacious it took a while for the gravity of this guy’s statement to sink in.

The Tory party have always been a ball ache  for drug users and a god send for drug dealers, prohibition equals an  equilibrium that works both ends, mounting concern regarding the trade and consumption of legal highs I guess prompted a review of the current legislation.

Amyl Nitrate has been a drug favoured by the Gay community for decades, as our friend the Tory MP explains it is widely used with no apparent problems and the banning will put the job of selling and distribution in the hands of the black market .

I agree with his statement, the consequences are negative but to stand up and publicly declare that his interest in this subject is based on his own personal use of the drug ? Groundbreaking stuff, let’s put things into context, Amyl Nitrate is a man made chemical,it’s use is diverse, the nearest equivalent substance I guess would be glue or solvents, solvent abuse being the most drastic and economical way of turning your brain to mush.

Poppers are Amyl Nitrate, asides from the  cosh effect on the brain the main benefits for gay men is the effect the drug has on certain muscles which … well you get the idea. I guess you could call it a bath tub chemical, maybe the ban could incite people to start up their own Breaking Bad style amyl nitrate lab’s, anyway some bright spark in the ranks of the Government had a crack at tackling the slippery  octopus of drug legislation and came up with a real beauty ‘The Psychoactive substances bill.’

What they hope to achieve I believe is undermine the production and supply of legal highs, which  according to my research mimic illegal highs but fall radically short when compared to the real thing.  To create a framework for the new legislation they create the psychoactive bill which covers  man made substances of  mind/mood altering properties , tobacco , booze not included as well as drugs already covered by the 1971 drugs act.

The most powerful mood altering drug in my life is caffeine , I drink too much in the morning and for an hour or two I am  active psycho, why do you think I post so much shit here, perhaps the bill could be more inclusive.

The government may have got it wrong once again but can the current situation remain the same ,  if   gay men  have a right to indulge in solvent abuse then the door is wide open, but it won’t be, the Government will keep it jammed shut and the profiteers of the trade in chemicals will continue to get rich.





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