Based in a tiny office on the Kilburn High Road  Glass Records was where it all began for us. I liked Glass and the label owner Dave Barker, Dave seemed to be doing his own thing in a  low key but efficient way, we found ourselves on the label through our association with Pat Fish aka The Jazz Butcher.

There was something  about Glass that suggested stability since he seemed to have no staff  which I think enabled him to concentrate on the label with no distractions, this changed when he appointed ‘Josh ‘.

We were unsure what Josh’s role was but it was customary at the time for record companies to have at least one ‘tea boy ‘ and I presumed that was his job. It turned out Josh was  a musician who had his own group in the making.

The existence of Loop kind of soured the relationship a little because the last thing you expect is to be ripped off by the  tea boy with  a girls hairdo, as soon as both groups attained a status then the knives came out. I think Sonic believed that Loop were taking a piggy back ride on the back of SP3,I think SP3 certainly had an influence on his band musically and I think he meant no offence, if some distance could have been acheived perhaps the animosity would have ebbed away but as both bands operated in such close proximity hostility was an inevitable by product.

So when did it start to go wrong for Glass ?  Dave could probably tell us that but in the absence of an explanation I guess  Gerald Palmer and SP3  had a role in it, the times were fast moving and I am fairly sure the musicians could not keep on top of the business end of things.

Dave sold his interest in SP3 to Clive Solomon of Fire Records with disastrous consequences, Glass evaporated and Clive and Fire records took over the commercial exploitation of SP3.

Glass Records deserved to survive, the eclectic nature of the acts and the whole feel of what Dave did I think worked  just as well as any other label around at the time, he is by my reckoning one of the good guy’s although like most of us he made mistakes or was a victim of the times.

A strange twist to the tale of Glass Records, with Gerald Palmer’s assistance the label  is now resurrected and currently trading again, good luck to Dave on this venture.





























































































































































































































































































































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