I watched a Youtube video posted by Robert John Godfrey the main man of British progressive rock band The Enid, in the film he describes the catastrophic outcome of his attempt to challenge Gerald Palmer in court.  ‘I was quite fond of Gerald  I have to say.’ he seems a little emotional as he says this, perhaps remembering times gone by, made me wonder just how fond he was of Gerald.

RJG  did have a justified reason to take Gerald  to court, he  had registered  ‘The Enid ‘ as a trademark without the groups consent. This had immediate dire consequences as The Enid are unable to trade without requesting a licence from GP to use their own name !

As the proceedings unfolded The Enid win control of their trademark, perhaps it could have all ended there an then but it did not, facts are best described by the participants, from a casual observers perspective The Enid are ruined, facing possible bankruptcy, Gerald came off lightly , he now knows not to register other people’s names  but because of The Enid’s inability to continue to bring Gerald to account in  court they are forced to discontinue and are ordered to pay all costs including Gerald’s.

So he won by default, RJG’s Alzheimers  diagnosis and lack of finance instrumental in undermining The Enid’s campaign. Things took an altogether darker turn when material began to surface on the internet.

RJG was not pulling any punches when he issued a series of documents, one hand drawn illustration which somehow I cannot bring myself to describe other than highly offensive and pornographic, the others emblazoned with the word ‘RAPE,’ , another highly dubious gesture since the word itself does not relate to the wrong doings of greedy men however serious the scale of transgression, all things considered it appeared RJG put the gun to his head and pulled the trigger , and why the fuck not, most people retire to live a happy life  not lose the shirt off their back in a court room squabble.

Gerald takes another momental step forwards towards acquiring the status of The Robert Mugabe of English music, RJG was as I believe a close friend of Gerald’s for a long time but for reasons we can only speculate on Gerald has bought complete ruin on not just RJG but The Enid and  provided a whole heap of anxiety for all their family and friends , with no mercy shown.

It is a very sad state of affairs for all parties with the both of them suffering at the hands of each other , Gerald escaping with The  Enid back catalogue and the court fees , RJG and The Enid keep their name but lose , well everything bar the kitchen sink by the sound of it .

Yes it is a cautionary tale alright, the only winners are those eloquent over paid people who facilitate these litigatious  altercations .  Gerald is now throughly typecast as the villain in the story having very quickly accumulated the mass resentment of the whole of The Enid band, family, fan base, business associates and friends.

Things could of got better for Gerald and his partner in crime  Steve Kalidoski , they could have stepped off their fucking pedestal  and thought about the repercussions of duffing up old hippy rockers and sending them to hell just because the man put his name to one of those insidious crowbar contracts but things  are not getting better,  they seem to be getting a whole lot worse.

The Spacemen 3 and Gerald Palmer is another long story, currently there is and I think always will  be a state of conflict with Gerald  ‘in perpetuity ,’

Unlike The Enid who’s beef with Gerald is fairly contemporary, Gerald has for literally decades had his finger’s deep into the SP3 pie, when I finally got to the point in my life when I took a much closer look the pie was no longer there apart from a few crumbs.

Gerald will be annexed, his  business Adasam and his  labels  will suffer, his reputation is already bad heading towards  abysmal, their wrong doings have already been proven in  court and the full extent of the  scale of transgressions will come to light proving  again that Gerald’s  actions have fallen drastically short of acceptable standards of commercial behaviour.

Adasam have a right to reply and have the opportunity to answer to the above statements.

Please support Sonic and the campaign .



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