Every Friday afternoon we had technical drawing in the apprentice school class room, I liked technical drawing and got through my work very quickly, Rob Dixon and Johnny Diack were not the sharpest tools in the box and struggled with even the most basic diagrams so I did their work  as well.

That was one skill that British engineering gave me which came in handy one evening when I was given a task of contributing something to the SP3 cause. The factory was now a distant memory, erased from my mind, I was on the dole and life was dominated by our personal psychedelic suburban voyage  into inner space.

We was Psychedelic, no doubt about it, late night mushroom romp’s, cinema on Acid,dope in the morning , dope in the evening , the only problem I had when I was faced with making this contribution to the SP3 cause was that when it came down to it I really had no feeling whatsoever for Psychedelic art, Natty’s work was amazing, I had none of his special talent , so I just did what I could.

Maybe it was because we loved watching old  black and white  films that the logo was inspired by the  RKO logo, I was aiming for an art deco type of a design more than an obvious Psychedelic image, another influence had to be the swastika and the crucifix just because both symbols existed in everyone’s subconscious.

The logo had no relevance to Religion, Fascism or Freemasonry, I hoped it would convey the  intensity and power of the band  which could not be achieved with hippy era graphics, it is  a type of  Magik symbol, so the SP3 were a part of the Illuminati I hear you say, no, we were responsible for our own alchemy and secret practices and had no alliance with any force other than our own.

I saw it tattooed on bodies, printed on t shirts and many other commercial products but I  never got paid a penny, so it got to a point when I said fuck this.

Merchandise sales are very significant , a t shirt earns more money than a record, it is a damn site easier to produce, each one making about 10 pounds profit. SP3 fans bought the shirts believing that the revenue or some of it would return to the band members but it did not at least in my case.

The logo was appropriated by Gerald Palmer/Adasam and registered as a trademark , Gerald has never distributed any revenue from merchandise sales that I know of .
Currently a company owned by a Anthony Gunn is selling SP3 t shirts featuring the logo which is licences to him by Adasam, these products are sold as official merchandise.

The official status is disputed, is Gerald Palmer SP3 ? no Gerald is not SP3 and never will be SP3, he has no right to sell our merchandise or to confer an ‘official ‘ status on SP3 products.

Who does own the rights ? Pete Kember and Jason Pierce but primarily Pete Kember and it is his right to do what he wishes with all images created and used during the SP3 career. This is not an attempt by me to create an alliance or take sides neither is it conjecture, it is a simple fact and a logical conclusion which any rational person should come to.

These points have been expressed to Gerald, in one form an idiosyncratic verbal assault delivered by myself during the brainstorm fog of a vicious virus, it was like shouting into the wind, it achieved nothing but hysterics and a knee jerk response but as a device to split open the minds of Gerald and Steve it worked.

I made this point previously, I am talking about this in public because it involves the public, you are Gerald’s customers not SP3’S, the rate of VAT is 20%, how much do you think Gerald pays us? whatever he pays us is just an inconvenient tax on the overall returns from SP3 products.

It will go on, and so will the blog so keep watching space fans .



  1. Keep fighting the good fight Mr Bain along with the others and get back what’s truly your art from that piss flap Palmer.


    1. Thanks Andrew , I must admit it is hard to keep a lid on the anger and frustration , I got a lot more to say about this subject but Gerald is trying to gag me through negotiations , I think he should say his bit in public but he won’t because he knows he can make little defence , anyway Sonic is also in the mix and leading the way on the legal front , I’m in charge of psychological warfare !


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