A 21 year old American student Otto Warmbier  got caught  stealing a political banner whilst on a visit to North Korea. Now who really wants to go to North Korea ? You know it is a shit hole, you seen the photo’s, there can be no doubt about it, all the vital ingredients that make life worth living are absent, if you can stand a high dose of paranoia, poverty and near starvation North Korea is a super place to be. Fifteen years hard labour, no wonder the guy was in tears. If they gave him 15 years I wonder what they would give me because although I do not consider myself a thief  I would certainly steal whatever I could as a souvenir if I ever visited North Korea.
 The North Korean regime  obviously have never heard of the exit through the gift shop strategy, instead of wasting precious North Korean  resources in keeping Otto incarcrated they should of sold him the poster and a Kim Jong-un action figure or mug, tea towel,mouse mat, in fact the list could be endless and they are right in the best part of the planet to get ton’s of Kim merch made being next to China, the land where the world’s cheap tat gets produced.
Just out of interest if I went to North Korea, nicked a poster of Kim and did a shit on his face in the style of a moustache I wonder what they would give me, instant death probably, sounds a whole lot better than being worked to death and fed salt soup.

Another incarcerated person who is having a hard time is mass murderer Anders Breivik, poor Anders is getting a little lonely, having spent 5 years in this environment he has probably realised that his mind is slowly unravelling. I thought a  26 year sentence was a little light considering the gravity of this guy’s crimes, in the US he would be on death row, in Norway he has three rooms, he can do his own washing and cooking, has a computer, no internet and an exercise room, what more could he want ? Seems Anders wants some company, in the US prisoners on death row can have a cat, can you imagine Anders and a cat ? I cannot imagine Anders getting on with a cat and animal lovers would be appalled, I would give Anders a pet rock and say to him you ever get bored or lonely smash this over your head several times,a rock can be a man’s best friend.

Music news, Jason Pierce’s best Rock star buddy Bobby Gillespie tells us that digital streaming has fucked the music industry, well done Sherlock you finally worked that one out, instead of telling us something we already know how about some ideas on how to revolutionise the music industry, that is if you have any ?

What Bobby should have said is, digital streaming has fucked up the chances of most musicians of  ever attaining a decent return from their music, Primal Scream have been around for a very long time and are immune from such financial distortions within the business having accrued most of the band’s wealth from a time that preceded digital downloads.

I have never been to Glastonbury festival and Adele is not the reason I will not be attending this year or any other year, if I needed a reason not to go Adele is a good enough reason, not that I got anything against Adele it’s just her money making dross is a flashback to the immensely vacuous tripe that made my childhood so memorable, this crock of shit is another sign that the music industry is rotten to the core and Adele is a big lump of money making mediocrity.

Unfortunately a combination of reasons prevented me from continuing playing bass with Sterling Roswell, he is out and about with Jim Jones and his band touring during April, Jim and Sterling are quite admirally defying the ageing process and all rational thought by still playing live, good luck to them both ,just take it easy guy’s!

Me, I got a super dooper album coming out on HOGA NORD and another on VOLANTE DISCOS, old material but the usual high quality guitar and electronica you can expect from me, I have the beginnings of a new band in the making, a return to bass playing as my friend Gaz is a great guitar player and hopefully we will see the original Spacemen drummer Tim Morris on the drum kit.

Sports fans, to be honest I ain’t much into sport apart from motorcycle racing and boxing, if anyone reading this has no idea what motorcycle racing is about I will tell you, at the pinnacle there is Moto GP, these are the fastest and most expensive machines on the planet, what could be an exhilarating sport to watch is rendered quite often into a substantial anticlimax. This year an amount of changes were introduced in an effort to reduce the disparity between factory teams and non factory teams. Did it work ? no, the first race of the season was a complete farce, my advice watch paint dry.

UFC cannot be described as boring,barbaric yes, boring no, if you ain’t heard of Conor McGregor you should have, Conor is the current UFC featherweight champion who recently earned 1 million dollars for fighting Nate Diaz for a full 12 minutes. Conor moved up from 145 lbs to 170, never been done before and he got beat, Nate choking him out after Conor’s game plan flew out the window. The popularity of UFC confirms my suspicion that the world is in a state of devolution, a return to a human equivalent of dog fighting , Conor to his credit has raised the so called sport a fraction but steered it into car crash territory.

Talking of the fight game,Gerald Palmer is weighing in on the heavy side, carrying a few decades worth of baggage in the form of dodgy contracts, his corner man Kalidoski wimping out after the first exchanges , I knew he would fold like a light weight he is, I am thinking Kalidoski can fight on behalf of Adasam and I will fight on behalf of SP3, three five minute rounds, UFC rules apply.

The only real news that matters right now is the terrorist attacks in Belgium, this has just gone down so cast aside my frivilous bullshit and think about the souls lost in this latest bout of human induced madness and carnage.


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