In a previous blog,I described the conflict that involved Gerald Palmer trading as Adasam and Robert John Godfrey of the British progressive rock band The Enid.
I believe I was not entirely respectful to Gerald and Robert, for that I apologise if any offence was caused.

A concern was raised that I was ‘airing dirty laundry’ in public.
Once again I reiterate my view that this is of public interest, to assume that this issue deserves anonymity is in my opinion an insult to the fan’s and supporters, without them there would be nothing to argue over.

The Enid and SP3 are both in conflict with Gerald, each group has it’s own concerns but both share some common ground.
Each party believes emphatically that they have been victims of Gerald’s greed and avaricious nature.

I do not know Robert personally,I know he is an accomplished musician who after a long career still feels passionately about his music, passionate enough to risk his health, wealth and happiness by standing up to Gerald in court and demanding the return of his Intellectual Property.

Litigation is a bitch, if you have never been there before, don’t go there if you can help it,everyone will be a winner but you, even if you win.
Litigation is an great opportunity to get doubly screwed by the system.

So I got to see this illustration,at this point I will say by artist unknown as I perhaps wrongly attributed the work to Robert.
It was I believe intended as a critique of Gerald/Adasam and their business practices.
I am no expert in art but I am sure that the artists depiction of the subject matter was not at all accurate especially in the anatomical department.
Casting aside the shock value it was a pretty fair summarisation of Gerald and Adasam from the musicians perspective, the extreme nature of the illustration also proportionate in relation to the consistently inflammatory behaviour of Gerald.

Gerald has seen the picture and aired his concern to the Police !
You think in todays troubled world the Police would have better things to do with their time, not in Corby land.
Robert was offered a caution by the Police which he refused to accept and as a consequence now has to make an appearance in court.

The illustration was designed as a baseball bat to Gerald’s conscience,
he had every right to protest and demand it’s removal from the internet.
But that’s as far as it should of gone,is Gerald after the prosecution or persecution of Robert John Godfrey ?

Parameters,they sometimes get blurred especially in Gerald’s world, I tried to tell him to stop being a cunt but Gerald’s affliction appears to be his cloth ears, his deafness to logic and reason.

Robert John Godfrey has done what no one else has dared to do and that is to stand up to Gerald and Gerald has tried in a very blunt and cack handed way to subvert the situation to his own advantage by making Robert into a pariah.

So who is the monster, the villain, the petty thief, the rogue trader, the bent business man, the psycho capitalist,the liar ?


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