To be honest I ain’t been keeping tabs on what the rest of the world is doing, but nevertheless here is my Bassman news report.

Nobody has shot Donald Trump yet, that surprises me, if anybody is ripe for a good ole fashioned assassination, it’s Donald, personally I would go for the hair, with the right calibre bullet I bet that someone could shoot that hamster right off his head.

Should the UK leave the European Union? You are gonna hear a lot of propaganda on both sides, the UK certainly has its problems and an exit will not solve them but neither will staying, so my opinion is we are fucked either way.

The super pikey’s Conor McGregor and Tyson Fury have upcoming fights, Tyson a pointless rematch with Wladimer Klitchko and Conor has a pointless rematch against Nate Diaz.
Tyson seems intent on sabotaging a career he obviously hates, Conor seems intent on making as much money as possible, a fantasy fight with Floyd Mayweather is talked about . Floyd wanted 100 million, this kind of demonstrates what a shallow vacuous pit of stupidity these guys operate in.
Fight prediction, Conor will get tied in a knot again by Nate Diaz, Tyson will
beat Klitchko on points.

The dangers of performing on stage with a microphone were demonstrated by Primal Scream’s front man Bobby Gillespie.
Bobby managed to fall off the stage and into the audience, not on the audience, into the audience which suggests to me the audience may have chosen not to break Bobby’s fall or maybe they thought he had super powers and would bounce back on stage.
Anyway dramatic photos have appeared showing Bobby strapped up and on his way to hospital,not in an ambulance , a helicopter !
You gotta call in the whirly bird for these situations, expensive but with a life threatening injury and an important person like Bobby the huge cost of the chopper is irrelevant.
I hope Bobby is on the mend, too bad about cancelling all those festivals, maybe someone could turn Bobby on to my blog, help pass the time, perhaps Jason Pierce could drop by and read it to him.

Prince passed away, Prince never featured much in my life, two great singles which I own, Sign of The Times, Kiss, other than that nothing.
It was in the basement of an Amsterdam coffee shop when Prince first came to my attention.
Purple Rain was on a tv, I was very stoned, he looked to me like a pimped up Jimi Hendrix on spanish fly.
There is something about small people that makes them great performers, they look better on stage somehow, small people on cocaine go a long way in show business.

No new news regarding the situation between Gerald Palmer/Adasam and SP3, still this unacceptable situation exists.
I would encourage every SP3 fan to boycott SP3 merchandise created by Gerald Palmer/Adasam.
They are using stolen images, have NO AGREEMENT in place that allows them to manufacture or sell SP3 merchandise.
This has not stopped Gerald making deals with various people and currently SP3 merchandise is being sold openly on the internet as ‘official.’
These products are ‘un official’ They are bootleg products created without the approval of Sonic, Jason or me.
If you continue to buy these products you will only be making a profit for Gerald Palmer, Antony Gunn and any other operators who made the very unsound decision to do business with Gerald Palmer, this is blatant theft.

America, what is it with fucking gun’s, the statistics are appalling as are recent events, you have too many paranoid chicken shit brain morons in your country, you also have too many gun owners.
It’s called ‘Gun control.’ and America needs to implement it fast.


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