I had this conversation in a Belguim bar with a local guy after a Spacemen 3 gig .
We were getting along very well, at one point in our conversation he stopped me and said ‘But England is a part of Europe.’
I guess I was like most English people at the time thinking of our island as separate to the rest of the world.
Undoubtedly the UK had an ego centric insular position and although we had joined the EU about a decade ago people like me had no thought about the rest of Europe and what they felt.
I was grateful for this meeting, now I could go home and that small claustrophobic conservative town did not seem like a prison anymore, I felt my horizons had expanded now that I had friends in Europe.

For next few years we toured consistently throughout Europe, receiving warmth and hospitality where ever we went as well as fees from our performances.
We got to see some amazing places and meet some great people.
That was a whole lot more than the UK had to offer.

So the UK makes the decision to leave the EU but not me.

‘I’m not a racist but..’

What does the influx of people from other countries mean to me ? I say other countries because the ‘Eastern European,’ tag is too often used.
The majority of people in the Midlands are European, does it matter from what direction they come from.

So the Polish and Hungarian’s came , ran amok and destroyed our town, no, they came with the same aspirations of any person.
They set up few shops, anybody been in a Polish shop, notice that the shelves are not filled with food from multi national corporations. I purchased pickles from Poland and on the side of the jar is not just the relevant information concerning nutrition the jar had the name of the man who made the product, I think we need to learn something from the Polish.
I deeply appreciate the friends I have from this community, all the people who used my studio during the latter years were all good guy’s, and I do miss them.

So England you can leave the EU I am staying and I got a stark warning for any right wing racist agitators I have been told by a reliable source that the Polish are ready !


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