Lost in Space lp is a collection of Recordings made over the past decade or more, originally titled ‘Music For Modern Living.’
This title was rejected when I came across another lp with the same name.
Italian label ‘Homesleep,’ was the first to express interest in an early prototype of the lp but nothing happened.
Enraptured also had a shot at releasing it, nothing happened.
The lp got shelved until I decided to reshape it into something more accessible.

I edited the tracks down and added some new material, eventually I had contact with Mathias from Höga Nord in Gotenburg Sweden.
Mathias kindly offered to release the material and ‘Lost in Space,’ was born.

‘Lost in Space ,’ was the third choice as a title for the lp, previously it was called ‘Electric Sounds of Bassman.’
This title was perhaps unconsciously appropriated by another label as was the final choice ‘Lost in Space.’
Anyway I got there eventually and as regards album titles I suggest that those who plan to release lp’s to thoroughly check with their imagination before announcing titles.

It is my best work to date and a sound I do not intend to deviate from, it has taken a long time to get this music out and I am very happy to be involved with a new label Höga Nord.
Music needs new labels and new music, ok I am an old timer but Höga Nord is a contemporary label with a fresh approach to making records.

Limited to 300 copies, guaranteed to not make me any money, one of the finest electronic lp’s to come out this year.


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