There are some unusual life experiences that are junk, a UFO encounter for  example, why it has no relevance is because the primary explanation is that an alien experience however tangible to the witness is a manifestation of a hallucinatory episode, perhaps comparable to an epileptic fit or an  abnormality of the brain.

The context of an alien encounter is provided by modern society and the embedded representation of alien life in films, literature and folk lore. The complete vocabulary of ufology is covered in many mainstream television programmes such as Star Trek, The Outer Limits and so on.

The experience must therefore be illusionary in it’s nature which  must also account for other human experiences that appear out of the ordinary.

Well that is an  explanation, one that certainly would not be accepted by ufologists and enthusiasts or people who have had a first hand experience.

Having spent a couple of years on and off researching the subject of historical  local and UK  Ufo and abduction cases I uncovered a lot of  interesting information and all of it contradicts the theory of spontaneous hallucinatory episodes.
From a straight forward logical point of view  my evidence revealed a continuity and correlation  between people and events  that was impossible to ignore and difficult to explain.

My own Ufo experience was the main motive to dig deeper, problem is this subject is messy, telling people anything about your experience  is like saying you are into cross dressing, which I am not by the way, it arouses ridicule, suspicion and doubt, so for the time being hook me up to a lie detector and I will tell you my story.

What I am prepared to do is present my evidence which is a little too large to present here , this is evidence not speculation , the integrity depends on the people involved and the reports which often can only be interpreted through the midsts of time.

Midlands Ufo Trip is a strange tale to tell but it ain’t got anything to do with  supporting Ufology and what that represents , I am not particularly taken with the subject of UFO’S.

I have had contact with a senior member of a long established organisation called MUFON.
She was a very nice and sincere woman, what aroused my cynicism towards MUFON was the membership and the hi fees, it appeared to me like one of those bullshit pseudo religious organisations that fleece people of their money, it seems you can buy yourself an opportunity to speak at a MUFON event as well as a heap of useless literature.
The lady was very supportive but like most people tied to this subject she veered off into irrational territory.
I was told about a situation that involved people who were in the UK branch of MUFON, she outlined a scenario where a man and a woman both involved in MUFON who lived in the same town who were abducted and made to copulate by their alien abductors.
So it became like one of those ‘what the fuck did I do at the office party, ‘difficult experience’s for the people involved , meanwhile I am thinking perhaps kinky fantasy is a part of the UFO trip.

So I finally got to speak to a person who seemed to have the right credentials but lacking a rational point of view.

One clue to why Alien’s feature so much in our lives in simply money, Aliens have always been good for business , so much so the world owes them a fortune in royalties.

NASA are prolific providers of the proof aliens are here, every bit of crap that fly’s by a camera lens is a UFO, every time the live feed on the space station cuts out is because a UFO has turned up, Mars has a whole bunch of weird unexplained shit that NASA does not want you to see, it has an endless heap of funny shaped rocks, look hard enough I am sure they will find one that looks like Elvis fucking a giant snail.

And there are these blokes who collect all this stuff, wrap it up and fire it back to you over the internet, it’s like a benign form of porn, no risk and no climax.
I watched one internet film of a UFO which seemed to be a part off a washing machine suspended in the air gently rotating whilst the guy’s commentated on it’s stunning detail and construction. To me it looked like the worst UFO I had ever seen.

Of course some of it is real, to be really sure about the integrity of a clip I guess you have to look at film made before the age of digital image manipulation. Present day footage can be compelling but it ain’t necessarily real.

I know three people who all have had encounters with UFO’S. What all three have in common is a slight reluctance to give an account, they all have told me their story and in all cases they have kept an open mind as to what they witnessed or experienced.
A case of three random hallucinations? in one case there was another witness and this is the most compelling and contemporary UFO encounter in Rugby.

So coming sometime in the future asides from the revelation of a statement issued by the government of The United States Of America that Alien’s are here and have been for a long time is ‘Midlands UFO Trip,’and no fucker is going to abduct me before it gets to press right!


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