Hi Folks,

To be honest I never took this blog thing very seriously, it was my intention to say what I wanted in an unfiltered and natural way, I am not into dressing things up or tying to be creative.

Over the year I have had a lot of messages of support and I really appreciate the feedback, lately I have not been too productive, it’s kind of a seasonal thing and the winter seems to be the best time for me to off load my opinions.

As always I offer a right to reply to anyone who feels offended or disagrees with what I say, please get in touch and I will remove or amend any offending remarks if a satisfactory reason is given.

I will take the opportunity to answer a few questions put to me during the year.

I played bass with a Rosco last year on a few live shows, since I had my own solo shows going on at the same time and an album coming out I felt that it would have been impossible to do both projects. No further shows or collaborations are planned as I intend to be writing, recording and playing live more in the future, Rosco and his band are still active and I wish them well.

SP3 reformation.
Yes of course, I have my bass and fuzz box on stand by at all times for that momentous occasion.

Any more records coming out.
Yes a double Alphastone reissue of the two BOMP! lp’s with unreleased material.
A new ‘Bassman’ lp in progress, titled ‘Self Contained’.
Been working with guitar loops for most of the year and that has yielded some nice results, new electronic material and songs I have written over the past few years, heavy raw analogue beats and fuzz guitar. .

Any gigs coming up.
I lack an agent or any way of getting gigs however I have been lucky enough to get some great shows over the years provided by kind people.
Usually I put out the same set that existed since around 2001 which changes slightly but not enough to constitute any form of true progression.
For many years I considered myself retired from music making but would always try to present a ‘Bassman’ show when requested. This set is now semi retired apart from three live favourites, Heavy, Poison Butterfly and Scars.
I have no intention of deviating from electronics and guitar and look forward to playing some new tunes from the lp ‘Self Contained’ in 2017.

SP3 Blogs
Sorry, on hold for the time being, nothing wrong just that I have already written at length about the band and blogs are not the best platform for this kind of material.
A little more care and attention needed and perhaps a book format?

A Book.
Another book by a SP3 bass player? I am not jumping on any band wagon here, some years ago I wrote and made a prototype book called ‘Sick Notes’.
The book contained anecdotes relating to SP3/Darkside/Alphastone and Ear.
The people who read it found it quite entertaining and suggested I publish it. I did not think there was enough interest in the subject matter to justify a commercial run and decided to produce a limited amount of copies by hand.This was a great idea but fairly impossible to execute for many reasons.
Anyway it is an option as the book ‘Playing the Bass with Three Left Hands,’ by Will Carruthers appears to be well received.
So far I have only read a few passages of Henry Pritchard’s copy he passed to me at Gaz Davies barbecue in the summer, something about a psychedelic chicken?

I have no psychedelic chickens but I have some tales to tell, I hope to be able to produce some copies during 2017 or release it via the blog.

The Darkside.
A recent Facebook post made by Ian McNabb of The Icicle Works regarding Beggars Banquet boss Martin Mills decision to wipe out un recouped debt and allow artists to gain revenue from their music is great news.
That is great news for them but my opinion is that this decision will not include The Darkside.

Martin and Beggars made a collective decision to bury the music for good and I doubt that they will reverse this decision.
The music had every chance of recouping the capital invested by Beggars over the years but no effort was ever been made asides from exploitation arising from Andrew Heaths sale of Momentum Music to Universal.

The Darkside musicians have undermined any potential reclamation of the material by remaining indecisive and un unified for an extended period of time.
Rosco and Craig Wagstaff are aware of this situation where as other members lost in the ether are not.

There seems no way out of this situation without making a significant gesture by myself.
Darkdaze was that gesture, many months of re mastering and compilation of a series of Darkside reissues, that was looking hunky dory until I made the tragic mistake of contacting Universal Music.
This was one of the most dispiriting and frustrating episodes in my life and effectively shut down any possibility of creating the reissues.

This issue has been aired by myself over the years as many people were interested in this product.
Today I have to consider the current situation and another attempt at liberating the material.
This will be explained in detail in a new blog titled ‘Darkdaze, why The Darkside disappeared.’

Thanks for reading, more stuff soon.


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