You know what, I was thinking maybe I got Donald all wrong, perhaps he is after all stand up guy, a super fella, a smashing bloke, a real trooper, a true gentleman, a great intellect, a natural leader,a man who will bring hope, freedom and prosperity not just to the United States of America but to the whole of mankind.

Then I thought, nope the man is an arse.

Of all the human dung heaps in the world you had to pick Donald fucking Trump.

What pissed me off was the use of the Rolling Stones song ‘You Can’t Always Get What You Want,’ after his acceptance speech. There he is smoozing about with Americas newest incarnation of The Addams Family ,Mick is singing about standing in line with Mr Jimmy to get his prescription filled, I’m thinking has that fucker bought The Rolling Stones as well.

We also hear that the Toblerone bars are now gappy, they took some chunks out.
A jumbo Toblerone was the only bar of chocolate you could use as a weapon.
When on tour back in the day a duty free Toblerone was an essential purchase, you could survive for days on a Toblerone, not anymore.

It’s a shame Iggy Pop did not run for president, personally I think he is way more qualified than Trump, everyone loves Iggy, President Pop, sounds great to me.


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