One morning in a breakfast room of a small hotel somewhere in Germany Jason took off the wall an old acoustic guitar gave it a quick tune up and strummed some beautiful blues licks, sometimes I really felt like I was in the presence of a great talent.

His playing was always fluid, precise ,engaging and inspiring and I found that out before SP3 happened.

So maybe it feels like a trip back to an old bedsit with the same furniture and wall paper with those skeletons rattling away inside.

I’m thinking I should reform the band, starting with myself, Spaceman One. Yeah I will become a Spaceman again, not that I ever really deviated from the path! and I will sit in a lonely vigil.

I never saw Jason get angry or lose his cool, he has a good sense of humour and I believe a sense of compassion, if he feels he does not want to reform the band then I respect his decision.
Which according to current news sources is because Jason missed out on most of the significant events in the history of mankind you will not get to see a SP3 reformation, fair enough.

I suggest he should string it out, up the ante, 3 million and throw in a helicopter, no, unpractical for central London , 3 million and a pet lion, every rock star should have an exotic pet, maybe not, unpractical again as it would chew up furniture.
It’s up to him, it’s his game not ours, our game is just to stay alive.

Spacemen 3, what a show it could be, Sound of Confusion, Perfect Prescription, be great to rip through those tunes again, get buried in the sound , see you in your dreams.


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