The death of Rock and Roll.

You know I really felt for Patti when she fucked up her rendition of ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall,’ at the Nobel peace prize. I had been there before, not in front of a Nobel Peace Prize ceremony but I certainly have blanked out during a show. Why? most of the times it is because […]

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I got a koy carp type of thing on my right fore arm, two cans of Duff beer on my legs, two Frankenstein heads on my chest and some other cryptic shit on my left arm, then I woke up. I remember looking at the two can’s of Duff beer and saying ‘But they aren’t […]

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PuNk’S nOT DeAd!

So what was Joe Corre hoping to achieve by burning his Punk Rock memorabilia collection. As a statement it seems misguided, an obvious criticism is the appalling waste, five million (actual valuation uncertain.) What does that buy in terms of human misery relief? medicine, shelter, food, I would be as bold as to suggest with […]

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