PuNk’S nOT DeAd!

So what was Joe Corre hoping to achieve by burning his Punk Rock memorabilia collection.
As a statement it seems misguided, an obvious criticism is the appalling waste, five million (actual valuation uncertain.) What does that buy in terms of human misery relief? medicine, shelter, food, I would be as bold as to suggest with five million you could save lives.

Joe’s cack handed gesture was as I understand it a protest against the current homogenisation of the Punk Rock legacy, you would think being the offspring of Malcolm McLaren and Vivian Westwood Joe’s understanding of this legacy would be fairly comprehensive but I believe in reality he is a short sighted ignorant psycho capitalist creep.

Punk Rock means a lot of things to a lot of people. To my generation it was the sound that woke us up, gave our lives meaning. It created to use a cliché ,a new wave and that new wave of music, style, thinking had a huge and long lasting resonance.

Malcolm was a controversial character, a complete twat but a person who dramatically influenced modern music.
Vivian Westwood is certainly an odd character, the pair of them introduced a fashion house mentality to Punk and when the intelligentsia had fled the scene they continued to sell their ridiculous Punk clobber to spaggy kids.

I know because I was one, I still have a t shirt and catalogue from BOY on the Kings Road, by this time Punk was rapidly becoming very un cool, best illustrated by my good friend Goldsmiths student and part time post card punk Nigel.
Nigel made a bit of pocket money posing for photos with Japanese tourists which about sums up what Punk Rock meant in the early 1980’s.

Punk was not all about Malcolm and Viv, Malcolm brazenly subverted and manipulated The Sex Pistols but that was all he did, he had absolutely nothing to do with the wider picture.
Viv is now a Dame and her son Joe also got a pat on the back from the establishment bagging an OBE, for what? selling bras and knickers.

Vivian Westwood helped nail the lid on the Punk Rock coffin, she was 35 years old when Punk kicked off, too old to relate to the energy of the music she fed off the opportunity creating some iconic but impractical and elitist clothing.
Once John Lydon was seen wearing a Destroy shirt every kid wanted one and that was where she began, it didn’t matter that the shirts were made from net curtain material and looked like the were falling apart before they were worn or that they cost about 2p to produce, Viv and Malc milked the cow till it keeled over.

Joe Corre should of set fire to himself if he wanted to make a statement of any significance, erasing heritage just because his wife left him for Paul Simeon seems petty, and that I think was the hidden motive behind the gesture because in the end no matter what you have done or how much money you make does not guarantee immunity to idiocy and Joe and his mother are a pair of rich idiots.

‘Ever feel that you’ve been cheated.’


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