The death of Rock and Roll.

You know I really felt for Patti when she fucked up her rendition of ‘A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall,’ at the Nobel peace prize.
I had been there before, not in front of a Nobel Peace Prize ceremony but I certainly have blanked out during a show.
Why? most of the times it is because other thoughts invade your thinking process and in that split second you fail to catch hold of the next line or guitar chord.

It happens and sometimes it hardy matters , other times it is crash and burn time.
Patti is a great performer and did the logical thing and that was to have another go at it, personally I think she should of said ‘Fuck this, Bob is a great lyricist and all that but he cannot be bothered to show so anyone know Piss Factory?’

So why did Bob not show up? the simple and somewhat crude answer is the man is a cunt, always was and always will be.
Of course he wrote some really fabulous stuff but I always found Dylan to be a pretentious irritating twat but that did not stop me listening to his music.

His voice is an acquired taste , a taste which I never acquired , to be honest I absolutely hate the sound of his voice and nearly all of his repertoire would be better sung by someone else, but Bob is Bob and seems to conform to the standard model of an American Music deity ,beyond reproach and criticism.

So what did stop Bob going to Sweden to collect his 750,000 dollar cheque?
As far as I can see he just could not be arsed, so instead poor Patti had to endure the humiliation of the worst fuck up in her entire career, but I am sure her fee may of helped sooth her wounds.

I bet the Nobel Peace Prize committee made a new resolution ‘We are never going to give the award to another geriatric musician, ever !’

So the Rolling Stones release a new album, all cover versions, adverts for the record say ‘While stocks last!’ Are they kidding, they expect people to rush out and buy the new Rolling Stones record because the shops may sell out, bullshit.
The Stones record is like everything else they do , it’s another shallow money grubbing exercise, as if these geriatric vacuous assholes need any more.

Rock and Roll is dead, it is a fucking embarrassment, all these coffin dodging rockers who look like shit but won’t or cannot give it up.
Just one more tour, one more pathetic lunge at the public.
Whatever way you look at it the traditional rock band is toast, the future does not look at all good for this model, it’s all been done before and the pursuit of music making in this form is an anachronism whatever way it’s put over.


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