Could anyone make this shit up? it’s like a HBO serial, I think the current allegations provided by our man in the UK and the response by The Don is going to be one of the defining moments in his tenancy as US president, that’s if he makes it.

The beige buffalo made a stanch stand and denial. The news was as fake as his teeth , he is going to build the wall to keep those nasty Mexicans out , the wanka married to his daughter Ivanka is going to be his senior advisor, the two ghouls who he calls son’s will run his business empire, oh happy days.

The Don is on a roll, go Donald make America great again. I have to be honest all this is great entertainment and everybody who works in media must regard Trump as a godsend, he has not even been inaugurated yet and already he is blundering about in his own personal shit storm babbling baby talk and generating acres of press coverage.

Will this shit stick or is Don made of Teflon, it’s a fascinating scenario, not so fascinating for Christopher Steele the English ex MI6 officer responsible for creating the dossier who is currently trying to avoid a polonium supper and poisoned umbrella tips.

The problem for The Don is that our man Steele is widely respected and his integrity cannot be compromised as much as Don tries.
Don is fucked but these are early days we hope, many more months of Trump baiting lie ahead, how does that song go, ‘Don’t want to be an American ….


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