We had all left school, country boy’s let loose in the world, we fluttered about like moths, drawn to the bright lights, we were young, naïve and yet to be polluted by the vagaries of life.

Nigel’s letter is a document which I believe is worth sharing, primarily for the detail it provides about the times and the transition we all made from living out in the country to life in towns and cities.

Dear Pete,
Thanks for your letter. I was gonna write to you this term, but kept putting it off until I had enough to say then as I knew I’d be down at Eastertime anyway to see you, I thought I may as well tell you the news then . As it is, you’ve shamed me into writing this letter.

My mother wondered who we got our criminal tendencies off!, now we know it’s you eh Pete! Make sure you manage to stay ‘out’ until I get down to see you.
I suppose Aid told you about me and him getting nicked for poaching, it was Tog’s first bloody hare as well! fucking ironic. Well, we got off (if that’s what you call it) with a £25 fine plus £8 court costs. The case itself was a farce, and even my parents are beginning to see the light about the current legal system and the pigs. The Magistrate looked asleep half the time and the prosecuting pig thought he was a right smart arse.
They asked us if we were unemployed and Aid said he worked for Bonningale nurseries so they asked him how much he earned. When the asked me, I told them I was a student on a £1900 a year grant. When the Magistrate adjourned to consider the verdict, the copper turned to me and said ‘ Huh, I wish I got £1900 a year given to me.’ Cheeky bastard , who the hell does he think pays his wages and what the hell for? sitting in a court room all day long, reading out prosecution charges! We were caught almost red handed with the dog, lamp and hare in our possession so we pleaded guilty , a lawyer wouldn’t have been able to get us off the hook and he’d only charge expensive fees as it was. We got nicked at about 1.30 am and the two pigs who arrested us wouldn’t let us even phone home to say what happened, when we did eventually get home the old dear threw a fit, not so much that we’d been nicked but cos we’d come in so late with the dog and she was getting worried about him. Anyway, she knows that this little incident hasn’t put us off hunting, we’ll just be more careful next time, and when Aid passes his car test we’ll be able to go further afield where we aren’t known (it’s ok for quick getaways too! as the only reason we got nicked is cos we were on foot.)
Doe almost got nicked himself about a month ago, but that’s another tale to tell and it’s much funnier when he tells it!

That’s enough about the law for the time being, I’m sure you know what a fine body of men our British Policemen are anyway (scoff.)
That weekend (the case was on Friday) I went down to Southam , but as I was only going to spend the day there (Saturday) I didn’t get in touch.
Doe’s got an MZ250 now, you should’ve guessed. It’s ok really for what he wants it for and pulls quite well, we cruised at 70 2 up all morning on it, with Ramsey on his RD200 following behind. By the way I saw Martin your friend on the DT175 like mine, go passed into the juvenile courts, is he on probation or something now?
Me and Doe also popped down to see Cookie, cos Muff had told me that he was engaged to this Rugby bird. He was out, as usual but as we started the bike up again to go, a copper pulled up and asked us if Colin Reece was in , we told him he wasn’t , but it makes you wonder what sort of trouble he’s into now, I’m gonna give Cook a ring tonight to try and get invited to the wedding, it should be a good ‘crack,’ (as you and Yowie say.)
That weekend, we caught a fox and coursed 2 muntjac deer in Ufton woods (but they escaped,) and I also bumped into Bonnick too. He’s getting very pissed off these days, you ought to pop over and see him.

The last time I saw Doe, he looked like a Belsen victim. When I went down to call for him on the Saturday morning he had just got out the bath (yeah, it just took me by surprise too!) and he wandered into the sitting room bare shirted. When I saw him, I thought he was sucking his stomach in, holding his breath but no, he always looks like that now. Apparently he hadn’t eaten for a week (mimicking Bobby Sands, eh!) and he looks even worse with those 2 ribs of his sticking right out, but that’s Doe for you!

As regards the Punk ‘scene,’ down here, I’ve been neglecting it for the time being only going out to the odd gig now and again, but that’s only because I wanted to save my money to buy a new bike. I bought my DT down here and I’ve sold it now for £250 cash. With what I’ve got, the building society and what I’ve saved from the grant, I can now afford just over £400 to pay out for a second hand DT175MX, I’m just in the process of looking for one. That’s the main reason I didn’t invite anyone down this term cos I was saving . Like I said though I did allow myself a few treats. I’ve bought all the Slaughter and the Dogs lp’s now (2 studio,2 live,) and have got 2 of the TITS Slaughter ( ‘Do it dog style’ dog face) tee shirts and there’s another Chron Gen one still in the post which I’m going to write to them about. I’ve taken the Slaughter off the back off the jacket now cos the leather isn’t of the smooth type and the paint keeps cracking off. I know where I can get a box of 1000 core studs for just over a tenner, so I might fill the back of it and maybe one arm with studs. If your mates want to club together and send me some money I could get a box of them (ring me if you are interested on 01852 2831) it works out cheaper if you buy in bulk cos buying 1000 studs from a shop would cost you around £40.

I haven’t been buying records recently for reason’s I’ve already explained so I’m not quite up to date with things at the moment, I know who the bands are, but it’s just that I haven’t heard much by any of them.

The gigs I have been to see are; John Cooper Clarke at Goldsmiths student union , he was ok, better than I thought, but I wouldn’t have bothered seeing him if he wasn’t playing at our college.
SLF at the Hammersmith Palais , hardly any punks there at all, mainly herberts and straights, after all they’re just a rock ‘n’ roll band now, but I like them all the same.
Chelsea, Defects, Drones at 100 Club, quite a good gig and I got chatting to Gene October before it started ,quite a decent geezer. I also bumped into Big John (Exploited) and Rab Fae Beith (The Wall) the pair of fat bastards,not to talk to mind.
One of these days, I’m gonna go and chat to Rab though,cos whenever I go to a gig, he’s always there (at SLF as well). I’ve also sussed out a few other rock venues too. The Venue and The Rock Garden. The Rock Garden is like a little cellar where you’d expect wine to be stored. The place has a good atmosphere though, and I quite like it. We got into The Venue free, with some borrowed Virgin value cards which let you in free after 10.30 pm any night.
Hot Gossip were playing , so we saw the last half hour of their set (perverts eh!) The Venue is where all the ‘rock stars’ hang out too,cos they get given free entry just to sit around and pose. That night we saw the lead singer of OMD (wanker)a bloke from Haircut 100 (twat) and a very pissed up Paul Cook (bonehead) not to mention the Hot Gossip birds who came down to mingle after their set. I’ve peroxided my hair out now and am getting more and more determined to have Mohican.
I bumped into one of the local punks the other night. He was a negro and hated everything to do with black culture (Reggae,rasta, the lot) He told me he was in a band called the ‘Spunk Puppets’ and I might go and see them play to get in with the local crowd.
The other day I had my first roll up of ‘Red Leb’ (cannabis residue) but I haven’t got the knack of holding the smoke down in my lungs for long enough to extract the maximum benefit ,although I did feel pretty pissed (or rather stoned) after.
I’ve seen a few films this term, ‘Richard Prior in concert’ brilliantly funny and Mad Max 2, very gory and fun too. I’ve just finished reading ‘The Happy Hooker by Xaviera Hollander, I recommend it to you.

Anyhow. I’ve just outlined what I have been up to and I’ll fill you in with the details and other tales when I see you at Easter. I don’t know when abouts I will be down but if you ring Aid, he knows when we are coming.
I best be signing off now, cos the lecturers don’t really like you writing letters instead of notes during their talks


ps good luck with the hearing and the band.

For Nigel and Aidan Hudson and Joe Toner.


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