Chuck Berry wrote and performed some great music which proved to be hugely influential in the history of Rock and Roll. It is very sad that his legacy is tainted by his depraved behaviour. Whilst the world celebrates the life and music of Chuck Berry there exists the dark and unsettling reality that Chuck was […]

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Music Ground in Doncaster was a fantastic shop, crammed with guitars of all makes, Fender, Gibson, Vox, Dobro, National, Rickenbacker, it was glorious. The owner Rick was a little like Moe the barman from the Simpsons, a slightly surly guy, his son was of similar ilk. Goff was our manager, that was his appointed position, […]



On tour we backed the van up to a wall leaving no space for any would be thieves to gain entry, we also took the guitars in to the hotels, it was about all you could do to avoid the robbers and fortunately we never victims to theft. Back in those days all any thief […]

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The people who first established a drug trade in Rugby are long gone, they were inspired by the times. They grew up in a country scarred by war and tied down by archaic values and attitudes, the 1960’s may not have been swinging in Rugby but a small minority were committed to try and get […]

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