The people who first established a drug trade in Rugby are long gone, they were inspired by the times. They grew up in a country scarred by war and tied down by archaic values and attitudes, the 1960’s may not have been swinging in Rugby but a small minority were committed to try and get the pendulum moving.

They imported and sold drugs and their activity continued almost unabated for decades. As drug dealers go they were not even close to your archetypal scourge of society but others who controlled hard drugs were.

Rugby was a small town with a monopolised council, conservative and parochial, small minded greedy people, the worst of the drug takers were hopeless individuals forever sliding down the slope into a trough of their own shit, the best of the drug consumers were musicians and people destined for professional careers.

The drug squad was established to address the towns drug problem , there was no doubt the town had a problem, it’s problem was not just the drug taking but the environment that became conducive to drug taking, the drug squad just became another element to add to the problem.

They went about their task with great zeal, the majority of drug dealing went on in certain pub’s in town , places which were magnets for the towns hedonistic underclass, the good the bad and the ugly. Pub’s provided all the information they needed in the form of their spies, the infamous ‘grass,’ who fed the squad with potential targets.

This method yielded results, busts, convictions and prison sentences , this produced good statistics and provided reassurance for the populous.
The reality was the drug squad’s activity was profoundly misjudged and had little effect at eliminating drug use, a curious policy of targeting individuals who were just personal user’s whilst blatantly ignoring the dealers and user’s of hard drugs.

Rugby became infected by paranoia and anxiety as the drug squad stepped up operations, they worked in a pair, led by a diminutive man who was taking his job very seriously , like a human Jack Russel eager to get his bone.

They had no integrity or morals despite being in a position of power, they were no better than the people involved in the drug scene, and what they did to people and how they conducted their work is no longer acceptable practice.

The grass who created un healable damage is now dead, fortunate for him as retribution would have been served, and what about the little fella , the drug squad officer , he still struts about and thinks he is the man, but some of us can still remember his crimes.


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