On tour we backed the van up to a wall leaving no space for any would be thieves to gain entry, we also took the guitars in to the hotels, it was about all you could do to avoid the robbers and fortunately we never victims to theft.

Back in those days all any thief needed to do was pick up a copy of the NME to find a comprehensive list of potential victims, vehicle security was pretty basic and opportunity in abundance but thefts on the scale that are reported today were unheard of.

As I write this bands are currently trying to fund the replacement of stolen gear, since September I am aware of three bands that have had all their gear stolen, in each case a list of the gear has been circulated, the sum total value of each haul is certainly substantial.

In today’s economic climate these thefts which span the globe seem especially cruel as they impact on a bunch of people who are trying to create some joy in the world, through their music and with their instruments and any musician is especially fond of their own instrument which is often something they have laboured hard to attain.

Why are touring musician’s targets? I really have no idea, I suspect that once these type of crimes were reported a model emerged that could be adopted by scum bags around the world.
And what will the Police do? I suspect nothing, if the criminals robbed a shop or burgled a home I think their reaction may be different.

This is a really sad affair , musicians hunted by criminals in an age when music making is becoming increasingly difficult, all we can do is raise awareness and do whatever is possible to protect our assets.


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